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SH3 Realism players
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:45:15 PM »

im currently looking for some SH3 players who want more realism
i have been working on this little project of mine for quit a while now and i now come forward with it here
its called Die Grauen Wölfe

Here follows the Die grauen Wölfe Handbuch

Die grauen Wölfe
Handbuch für Leutnant zur See

A Silent Hunter 3 realism group

Created: December 10th 1939

1. Introduction of the Die grauen Wölfe.

2. How to play Die grauen Wölfe.
   2.1 Human BDU
      2.2 Mods
        2.3 Tonnage war/points system
          2.4 Rules of play

3. How to apply to Die grauen Wölfe.

1. Introduction of the Die grauen Wölfe.

Die grauen Wölfe is set out to create a more immersive and realistic gameplay for Silent Hunter 3, although we don't do this the traditional way by using mods.
Instead we use human in- output to enhance the gameplay

A short example
normally you would get orders from the computer BDU, these are based of your boots specs and the time of year.

We want to go a step further and by using SH3 commander we can remove the computerised BDU and replace it with a human one, we will be able to implent the Kaleun’s requests and also be able to give them safer patrol areas if they want to, or sent them after the big guys.

The user’s will follow some basic steps (this is without registering)
The user will reqeust patrol orders, BDU will look into its database to see what type of boat they have and their previous patrol grids
BDU will issue orders based of the type of boats, previous patrol grids, specific requests, time of year and the uboat coverage of the other players
The player then will enter his patrol grind into SH3 commander and proceeds to make his patrol
The user is free to make choices aslong as they patrol their designated grid, they also are allowed to make contact reports and patrol reports.
when the user has finished his patrol, he makes screenshots of his patrol logs in SH3 and SH3 commander, based on the patrol logs BDU will issue points for the tonnage warfare between kaleun’s, these points and tonnages will be posted somewhere where all the captains will be able to see it.

2. How to play Die grauen Wölfe.

2.1 Human BDU
We hope to have at least 12 players before we start this and 2 of them will command the BDU and issue orders.
These 2 man will communicate with each other and will take command of a group of u-boats to relieve each other, for these 2 man the u-boat database will be always open and ready to make changes to.

The human BDU will receive orders from there Korvettenkapitän who is the leader of BDU (not the supreme leader it will all be democratically) the Korvettenkapitän is also part of BDU and will also do patrols.

2.2 Mods
before you start to play Die grauen Wölfe you will need to have some mods loaded up, here is a list

GWX 3.0 Gold
SH3 commander Version 3

GWX 3.0 Gold
SH3 commander Version 3
Stiebler’s unofficial patch V1.6B1

We will not allow mods that will make you some sort of super boat or that you can fire nuclear torpedoes.

2.3 The tonnage war/points system

The tonnage war is a game between the u-boat captains to sink as much ships as they can and collect as many points as they can from BDU

The system goes as followed

If a new player sinks a tanker of 10.000Grt they will receive 10 points
(1 point per 1000Grt)

If a veteran player (who has completed 6 successful war patrols) sinks a tanker of 10.000Grt they will only receive 7 point

(If in a patrol a ship is sunk above the 500Grt its considered as a successful patrol we will deduct 0.5 point, if 6 patrols are completed 0.5x6= 3, we will still use the 10 points of the 10.000grt but we will remove 3 points as a veteran player handicap so that the new players will be able to join in as well)

The points system will keep all the player engaged with each other
the tonnage system which only counts sunk tonnage will keep a good competition between the veteran players.

You will also receive points for coming back with small amounts of fuel
Above 50% fuel we will remove 0.2 point per 10%
remaining under 50% fuel you will receive 0.2 point per 10%

coming back with torpedoes
All torpedoes remaining is a lose of 1.5 points
half of your torpedoes remaining is a gain of 1 point
all torpedoes gone is a gain of 1.5 points

2.4 Rules of play
Here you can also receive and lose points

If you play with a realism lower than 50% you will be deducted 0.5 points per patrol, if you play with a realism higher than 50% you will receive 0.5 points per patrol.

If you sink a neutral ship you will lose 2 points

if you sink a warship: this is divided in several categories
Destroyers: 1 point
Cruisers: 1.5 points
Battleships: 2 points
Aircraft Carrier: 3 points
enemy submarine: 3.5 points

per patrol/contact/end patrol -report you will receive 0.5 point if BDU approves your reports

Damage to your boat: this is divided per combat year since in 1939 damage was not really accepted and in 1945 getting back in one piece was an achievement
1939: if you return with damage you will be deducted 1 point
1940: if you return with damage you will be deducted 0.5 point
1941: if you return with no damage you will receive 0.5 point
1942: if you return with little damage you will receive 0.5 point
1943: if you return with some damage, but no dead crew you will receive 1 point
1944: if you return with half the boat damaged and no dead you will receive 1 point
1945: you may return with dead cew but per dead crew member we deduct 0.5 point
no dead crew members you will receive 2 points (from these 2 points we will also deduct the 0.5 points)

If you are destroyed during a patrol you will lose all your points, you can keep your tonnage but you need to make a new captain in the new captains section.

3. how to apply to Die grauen Wölfe.

Remove the spaces from the links and email
this way i can post the necessary links
Sorry if i violated any of the forum rules just wanted to share this

Go to http:// diegrauenwolfe. freeforums. org/index.php?sid=5d2b9a122de8dc47c4a07c3765646f6c

and register
then go to the section new captains here you will proceed to the thread new captains apply here.

we will guide you through the rest of the process.

If you want to become an officer in Die grauen Wölfe send an email to
diegrauenwoelfe@mail. com
to discuss your position in the flotilla
You can also add me on steam
Username: Xenomerv
You can also PM me here on SHMF

Soon the officers Handbuch will be published for the officers to start deploying their first u-boats

Kind Greets from
Jan Forest
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