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Login disabled?
« on: February 18, 2011, 02:53:48 AM »
This might happen to you. That you have to log in to this forum, when you return to SHMF, even after you have set your account up to remember you when returning. Normally, it would be so and function properly.
But the forum happens to have become popular among a spam bot network or whatever. Anyway, this network tries to log in to our accounts, and whenever a sofar new IP adress tried to access one of our accounts, the forum software will automatically ask for the password as a security precaution. So nothing is wrong in your end. It's just because some spam hackers find it amusing to try take over a relatively small game forum.
There ain't much to do about it. Every IP adress taking part of this is banned right away. Regretably, the owners of those IP adresses probably don't even know that their computers are part of this. They probably know nothing about software security such as firewalls, anti-virus etc, and to refrain trusting anything going in to their inbox in their mail programs. So that is just another reason to remind you folks that running internet security software is vital for computers attached to the internet.

So, in short: just log in as usually, using your password. I hope you remember it...  sm09
Another good thing would be for you 0-post members to start posting something. Either on-topic comments in the general SH section, or off topic subjects in the "League of gentlemen and bandits". That's just a way to see whether you are here for the right or wrong reason.

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