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[REL] Danevang's Paint Shop 1.0
« on: May 06, 2010, 11:24:46 AM »

This mod was born out of a frustration over the lacking state of Silent Hunter 5 at the time of release. The Kriegsmarine painters put in the game by the developers must have been using paint of a very inferior quality, because as soon a camouflage was painted on your u-boat, it would disappear as you began a patrol. That's bad paint...
BUT, enter the Danevang's Force Camouflage On mod. This mod was meant to force the game...I mean those lazy painters, to apply the camouflages that came with the game. But also these were quite lacking, for some reason the Kriegsmarine painters only wanted to add wave camouflage to type VIIB boats, and not VIIC etc.
Not only where the game's painters lazy, and used bad paint, they also refused to paint some camouflages on some u-boat types! Unheard of!
This is where the Force Camouflage On mod grows into a paint shop, Danevang's Paint Shop. The Kriegsmarine painters can't be trusted, so fellow captains,we'll paint the boats ourselves!
What it is

Danevangs Paint Shop 1.0 is to be released in packs, adding ALL the paint schemes of the original game to ALL u-boat types, plus adding completely new paint variants based on the original WW2 colour photos of u-boats, and on the few documents remaining with orders on how the u-boats where to be painted*.
The first skin pack released is the Type VIIC pack. It consisting of 11 paint schemes to use on the type VIIC u-boat, with standard or upgraded
conning tower.
All these paint schemes can be applied to your u-boat at any time.
What it does

The mod replaces the standard (non camouflage) u-boat colour in the game. Therefore, just don't buy a camouflage in game, keep the standard colour, and the paint scheme you apply with this mod will show. Simple. :)
Installation   *IMPORTANT*

As this mod replaces the standard u-boat colour, install it with JSGME, or (as always) backup your files!
Installation step by step:
-To save file space, and as all the type VIIC skins share some image files, I've put those files in a seperate folder to be installed first.
You need to put BOTH the "Danevangs PS 1.0 Common VIIC Shadow Maps" folder, AND the skin you want to use, into your JSGME MOD directory, as with any other mod.
1) Install the folder named "Danevangs PS 1.0 Common VIIC Shadow Maps"
2) Find the paint scheme you wan't to apply to your u-boat. In the folder "Type VIIC" are two folders for both the standard and upgraded conning
tower. If your boat has a standard tower, the paint schemes you can use are in the "Standard Conning Tower", and in the same way with the
upgraded one.
3) Install the paint scheme of your choice, i.e. the "Danevangs PS 1.0 Type VIIC-std Blaugrau 58-1" folder, for the Blaugrau colour on a type
VIIC with the standard tower. (the "std" in the name means standard tower, and "upg"...well, you get the picture)
(NOTE: You MUST have the default gray paint scheme applied to you boat in game for the mod to work) (as the mod changes those image files)
You will find an overview of the various paint schemes in the documentation folder.
Remember to uninstall the colour you've installed, when chosing a new one. The boat can only have one colour at a time! (obviously) There's no need however, to uninstall the "Danevangs PS 1.0 Common VIIC Shadow Maps" folder, as that is shared by all the paint schemes.
The end
That's about it I guess. Let me know if anything doesn't work as intended (although's not a bug, it's a feature). ;-)
I hope you enjoy the mod.
Best regards
The overview in the "documentation" folder:

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* I give great credit to Dougie Martindale at newbielink: [nonactive] for a truly valuable source on
u-boat paint schemes.

Installation guide:
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