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Silent Hunter 5 - handy Captain diary - GUIDE
« on: March 12, 2010, 05:08:39 PM »
Cheers chaps!  mat1 (post in constant development)

Let's put back all disscusion about a DRM feature (we all known that is a real shit) and let's take a closer look at game useful hints and guides.

-------------TOME I - Basics of each Captain ------------- hmmmmmmmmmmm


F1 - display of most urgent key shortcuts in game
SHIFT+U - takes you to a Captain bridge (outside the boat)
SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - hard turn to left or right  (instead of just simple pressing arrow button that makes only 5 degree turn)
INS (on numpad keyboard) - ruder aimships - centers your course
R - surface the boat
F - periscope depth (12 meters)

kaffee SUBMARINE WARFARE interesting info:
Did you know that first working torpedo was developed by british engineer Robert Whitehead   at 1866.
First torpedo was 4 meters long, have diameter of 356mm,weight of 150kg,  and range circa 640meters.
That first torpedo have impact pistol, and her warhead was 7kg of dynamite.
Her engine works thanks to compressed air gathered in big canister.
Her mechanism was heavy upgraded by austrian scientist Ludwig Obry that mounted gyroscope on her and
makes her easy to control.

CHAPTER 2 - - - OUR BOAT - HINTS about submarine and managing the crew

1. MORALE - in this version of Silent Hunter , morale plays main role in our ability to search/sink ships and in our general outcome as a good Captain.
Each crew member have 2 main types of abilities ( improved with Promotion Points) : ACTIVE ( cost 2 PP) and PASSIVE (cost 1 PP).
To activate some of ACTIVE abilities (red font in game) crew member must have at least 1 MORALE POINT (that yellow dot).
The most important thing we all must remeber here is : " OUR COOK is OUR GOD "
One of major bugs with SH5 makes morale points reset after each load of the game. Yes no need to comment  schuett
So our COOK have nice Active ability (with no morale points cost) to make a special meal (you know a lot of chicken, french wine, some marihuana, fresh potatoes, salad, and so)  each of this meals improves each crew member morale by 2 Morale points (or more - depends on that skill level).
2. DRIFT - You are out of fuel ? You have no resupply on the sea possibility? You want go back to your awful german girl (as whole world knows german women are ugliest in whole space) or man (as whole world knows german are strange ) ?
You can sail a while on batteries but they are recharged by using some diesel fuel so... it's the end my friend.
You can use drift to nearest friendly port and choose to REFIT. How to do that?
Plot your course normally on the map , and dive the u-boat. By using drift (we called that at yachting folks), you can VERY VERY slowly ( use max time compression) reach your port. Of course you must surface a boat from time to time to have fresh air and dive again, but... you can.
In meantime you can listen to that moronic and not funny german jokes telling by your crew.
3.PATROL TIME - Each patrol waypoint given by the Naval Command shows up on our map as a yellow ship icon. We need to patrol area near that waypoint for minimal 3 days (72 hours) to get new waypoint and have current active patrol area conifrmed as done.
We will take care of different patrol strategies later.
  kaffee SUBMARINE WARFARE interesting info:
Did you know that first submarine with diesel engine was construced by german industry company Krupp AG at 1902.
It was called: "Forelle" type
CHAPTER 3 - - - COMBAT - HINTS about silent hunter 5 naval warfare
1. SURFACE - "For a god sake, what are you doing here ?! You are in command of SUBmarine"
1a. USING A DECK GUN - when we are at surface and our crew spotted our prey and it's unarmed , its good to engage it with a deck gun (to save torps).
We can do that manually by move from the bridge to the deck, getting close to our gun and click LMB on it.
First view after that click , offers no any targeting devices but third person view, we need to click on Binoculars icon -that showed now in the upper left corner of our monitors , then we have a targeting view. We can chage range of our gun there (by pressing UP or DOWN ARROW) and press SPACE to fire.
Second and way faster is to look at our target from the bridge, toggle the Binoculars (by moving mouse wheel) , center the optics on ship and press SPACE -
icon of a gun will show in binoculars and our crew will start shooting.

Gun AP -piercing - ammo - is the most efective when falling on the deck of our enemies from the top (becouse deck is much weaker than sides) so best effect when shooting a gun you will have at 5000-7000m and above (up to 9km).
Flat trajectory is our enemy.

3. AIR
 kaffee SUBMARINE WARFARE interesting info:
Did you know that :
In 1911 W.Churchill in his respond letter to Admiral John Fisher wroted: " I don't belive that anytime in the future , civilized country will launch submarine attacks on trade ships".
Admiral Fisher was one of the greatest british supporters of submarine warfare , and after experiences of past years he stated that only making submarines free of Haskian Peace Conferency 1907 rules will make submarine warfare effective. Generally submarine warfare was called "guerre de course".
Before year 1915 submarines were mainly treated as opposite argument to enemy navy (batlleships/cruisers), it was something "barbarian" to whole world community to make attack on trade ship without preparing a long and complicted international law rules about taking enemy trade ship.
Which contained aware shot/ control of ship/ imprison a crew/ and drive the ship to agreesor country port when lawyers take care of a hell lot of paper work. And after that all procedure ship can be taken by the agressor (but if it was did "illegal" agressor country need to pay a large reparations to owner country of taken ship).
So future after 1915 brings a big shock to public opinnion.
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