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Windows7 display screen "res"
« on: February 21, 2010, 08:49:46 PM »

Kegetys DX9res v1.0

Windows 7 users can use this fix to enlarge the display size of SH3 to wide screen
on your monitor.
It comes with a read-me but however you may find this a better clarification of what to do.
Download the mod to a temp folder.
Extract the mod into the temp folder using extract here option of Winrar.
Find the d3d9 CFG File and read down until you find the lines "res X=" & "res Y="
Add the value of your recommended display size shown in your Computors display settings I.E. resX=1680  and resY=1050 and save the new values.

Copy both the d3d9 CFG file and the d3d9.dll Application Extension files and paste them into your SilentHunterIII directory.

That should do it (you cannot extract the fix directly into your SilentHunterIII folder as the files will be incomplete).
As it states in the read-me this mod can be freely distributed So you can download the mod/fix here.



Please note when using this fix the first time you start the game after making these changes
you may not have any change to the games screen size .......
Just let it fully load and then exit the game and restart it the changes should now show.  thup1