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RFB 2.0 File:
RFB 2.0 manual (note: this is the link for the RFB 1.52 manual. It is in general still valid for 2.0, except for the cases noted below in the readme.):

Key Command Changes:

For the latest info from RFB Team, read the RFB thread at subsim by clicking this banner:

Readme and credit for the RFB1.52 version:

Original release text by RFB Team:

--- Quote ---RFB 2.00 for SH4 v1.5
uploaded 01.01.2010, with new patch 02 January 2010
Changes in RFB 2.0 include the following:

1. The damage model now includes several warships, modified by LukeFF and Observer, which are as follows:


2. New interior camera mechanics by vickers03. Camera now will tilt based on the fore-and-aft angle of the boat.

3. Reworked texture mapping for the S Class interior by LukeFF.

4. New and reworked texture mapping for the Gato interior (also used by Tambor, Gar, Balao, and Tench classes) by LukeFF and vickers03. Changes include:

-Re-mapped gauge textures.
-Re-mapped hull opening indicator light panel and torpedo launch panel.
-Illuminated map table in conning tower.
-New WCA sonar display textures.

5. New torpedo textures by Captain America.

6. Altered American torpedo malfunctions by LukeFF.

7. Added the CHa-1 subchaser by Nisgeis.

8. New Radar Display by Hitman.

9. New American binocular, TBT and deck gun optics by Hitman.

10. New German binocular optics by Hitman.

11. Darker American attack periscope view by skwas.

12. Adjusted camera positions for various deck guns by LukeFF.

13. Adjusted elevation rates for American deck guns by LukeFF.

14. Starting crew rosters for the Tambor, Gar, Gato, Balao, and Tench class boats now based on USS Icefish roster (June 1944) by LukeFF.

15. Starting crew rosters for the Salmon and Sargo class boats now based on USS Sculpin roster (November 1943) by LukeFF.

16. Machinists now man the control room in all American boats by LukeFF.

17. Crew skills re-worked by LukeFF.

18. Lookout specialization re-named to Quartermaster. In reality, petty officers with the Quartermaster and Signalman ratings drew the duty of 'Quartermaster of the Watch' and were assigned to bridge detail. (Source: The Fleet Type Submarine). In addition, the Signalman rating was absorbed into the Quartermaster rating twice in the post-war era (1948 and 2003).

19. Damage control team slots re-worked. In reality, the damage control parties were staffed mostly by engineering personnel (machinist's mates, electricians, and firemen). (Source: Aboard the Farragut Class Destroyers in World War II). As such, the damage control team slots are set up so the player can transfer the equivalent of one watch rotation from the diesel compartments to man the damage control team.

20. American dive and surface alarm sounds re-worked.
Notes on using the binocular optics:

The binoculars reticule is gradated in milliradians. It will work with any measuring unit, be it imperial or metric, because the result is always a ratio.
The formula is:
(Target height or length / reticule marks ) x 100 = Distance in the same unit you inputed the target.
For example:
A 180 feet mast reaches the mark number "6" in the vertical reticle.
(180 ft / 6 marks) x 100 = 3000 ft, i.e. aprox 1000 yards.


    * RFB 2.0 is a JSGME-ready mod and should be installed before campaign mods such as RSRDC and OM.
    * RFB 2.0 is for version SH4 v.1.5 only. Do not expect the mod to work with earlier versions of the game.
    * You will find two additional files inside the main RFB 2.0 directory - one for alternate nomographs and one for German audio files. These files are to be enabled when playing on the German side.
--- End quote ---

I really need help installing RFB.  I have literally been working on my computer for two days straight trying to get this to work.  I have re-installed the game maybe 4 times and have even considered breaking down in tears.

Here's what I'm working with:
Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.1.132
Silent Hunter 4 v1.5

I seriously need someone to explain this to me like I'm 4 years old.  I need to know where all the files go and how to get them there.  Where to extract them to, how to get them on Generic Mod Enabler, etc.  I've extracted them to I don't know how my places, I've tried importing the mod to Generic Mod Enabler, tried loading mod profiles to Mod Enabler, activated what I thought were the proper files...  My game does not seem to change.  'Data Folder', RFB_Alternate Nomographs.rar, RFB_German Audio Files.rar, Are they separate? do they over lap? do I need them all? etc.  hmmmmmmmmmmm  I want it all to work!

All the instructions I've read on multiple forums are unclear just enough to lose me.  It seems these are mods written for moders.  I however am an idiot and I would give my left nut to make this work.  banghead

PLEASE help me.

Okay, when the game is installed and patched to v1.5, you execute the JSGME installer and ask it to install it right into the SH4 game folder.
I strongly suggest that you keep all your games outside of the program files folder aka:

So when JSGME is installed and you start it up it will automatically create the folder MODS, after you press OK, like this:

Now you save the RFB archieves here and extract them here, like with any mod. When done. You can restart JSGME and any mod in the MODS folder will appear in the left box, press the -> button to enable the mod. First the main mod and then the patch.

Okay, try again now.

Ok, I think this is where I was messing up before...

JSGME should be installed right into the game folder?

E:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific

Yeah, I didn't have JSGME in the right place before.  Thank you for the quick response.  I got this game a few days ago and this mod has made me so happy.



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