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Triumph of the Wolfpack

Leaving Brest to join a wolfpack

Time to show the Royal Navy - they have met their match

Look Out Reporting - Incoming air attack -DIVE!

Torpedo run

Torp away


Running straight at me. Set depth 70m ahead flank

Passed well astern

WolfPack forming - Plotting to catch up

OHII has a wolfpack layer that will ensure u-boat numbers and wolfpack match WW2
Forming a 7 boat pack



Convoy spotted - dead ahead

15 cargo and 3 escorts. Easy pickings:D
Move in for the attack

Unleash the Dogs of War

The pray has been spooked

Hell has been unleashed on those souls in the form of 28 torps speeding directly at them.

As our torps rip into them - they feebly try and return fire.

This first volley fired is like shooting fish in a barrel.

As this first salvo tears through them our pack dives deep to reload for then next devastating attack.


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