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TMO version 1.7
« on: March 31, 2009, 06:02:33 PM »
Silent Hunter 4 version 1.5 : Trigger Maru Overhauled 1.7
- Pulling the Trigger on SH4!

Trigger Maru Overhauled is  for SH4 1.5
( All modifications provided as is, without warranty, I make no promises of being bug free. )
D/L removed. Obsolete.

This archieve file has been packed with 7zip, so make sure to unpack with 7zip  ;)
Archieve file size = 364.800.633 byte aka 347 MB

Hotfix - 2009-04-17
D/L removed. Obsolete.

Mod information, features, and credits:
can now be found in a PDF file located here:
D/L removed. Obsolete.
or here:
D/L removed. Obsolete.

- You need 7zip or WinRar to extract the files
- Use the latest version of JSGME to enable

Mod Installation order for the SH4 version 1.5 version of TMO:
1.) TriggerMaru_Overhaul_17
2.) (Optional)RSRD mod for TMO 1.6.2
No additional files or mods are neccessary.

Known issues:
- ???

can be found in the downloaded mod's support directory.

Trigger Maru is not compatible with any large modpack.  Exception to this is any version of RSRD made specifically to be compatible the latest version of TMO.  All other large mod packs are NOT compatiable.  The reason is, many large modpacks deal with the same files, and alot of unexpected results will occur. 

- Gramaphone not displaying properly when the game is run at really high  or wide screen resolutions.  If this is an issue for you, theres a stock gramaphone in the support directory.

Licenses & Permissions:

(1)Absolutely nothing found within the Trigger Maru modpack may be used for any commercial product of any size, shape or form.

(2)Trigger Maru is open source freeware, made by the SH4 modding community openly and freely.  All permissions of individual mods are subject to their author's permissions.

(3)You are free:
a.) to Share – to copy, distribute and transmit this work.
b.) to Remix – to adapt this work.

Under the following conditions:

a.) Credit List -  You must mention who made the original work. (which is Ducimus, plus supplying authors cited for specific parts in credit list herein)
b.) Attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified, but not in any way that suggests that I, or any mod author cited herein, endorse you, or your use of the work.
c.) Share Alike - If you alter, transform ,or build upon this work, either partially or in whole, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one. Don't wanna share? Then don't use!
 This compilation was compiled for the love of the game, and appreciation for the history behind the game. This mod is presented as a community works, for the benefit of all.  The compiling author (Ducimus), takes no credit for any of the specific works cited. Any specific design or modification by the compiling author himself, anyone is free to use as they see fit so long as the use is within the conditions of the above stated license and permission.


Changes made since last published version.


1.)UI changes

*added Hud Mod for TMO by Cpt. America
- adjusted orders bar to reduce button truncation at lower resolutions.

* removed medal tool tips from medal case in career room.  (the way the game appears to handle medal display, no matter what it will be incorrect unless you have all the medals awarded)

2.) Player sub changes

*added historical prop rotation mod by Cpt. America

*added radar warning reciever for fleetboats. This will first appear in 8/43.

* MS/9 and MS/32 Paint schemes are now selectable upgrade for all US boats except Tench and Narwhal.

* Damage model adjustments.
( The goal of these adjustments was to reduce or eliminate the player's boat being stranded by having all engines/motors destroyed. An occurance that was far too common)

- removed Parent/child relationship between some damage zones in the player subs.

- reduced engine and motor damage zones in width and placed them farther apart from each other.

*Changed max torpedo launch depth for Tambor, Gar, Gato, Balao, and Tench to 150 Feet.

*fixed missing creak sounds from S boat interior. (thank you vickers03 and Captain America for pointing it out to me)

3.) AI changes

* AI machine guns will now fire at the player from a range of 3000 meters (where as it used to be 1500 meters)

* reduced AP value of shells used by 25MM machine guns from 10, to 9.7.  Player subs have AP value of 10.  This gives the shells just enough penetration to do a reasonable amount of damage, but not overly excessive.

4.) Ship & model changes

* JP and GE, AI sub's had a damage zone adjusted so they sink quicker then before, and fixed map icon.

* created an auxillary gunboat that will appear as a corvette in the subhunter layers.  This unit also doubles as a "q ship", is unmarked, and is equiped with four 25MM guns, 3 deck guns, and 4 Y guns.

*The following ships have had modified to equip 3 to 4 machine guns, 1 to 2 search lights, and 0 to 4 additional deck guns:
- Nagara
- Hakusika
- Akita
- Heito
- Zinbu
- Biyo
- Kinposan
- Tahihosan
- Kasagisan
- Nippon
- Buzyun
- Haruna
- Conte Verde liner
- Horai
- Kiturin
- Tyohei

* fixed sound issues with HogIsland cargo ship (it was totally lacking a DSD file)

* JP aircraft carriers. (to again, address aircraft spawning after carrier exited game bug)
- Further reduced Aircraft numbers. (2 to 3 planes each)
- changed aircraft type to Val and Kate only.  (If you see either of these planes you know they came from a carrier which might or might not still exist.)

5.) Campaign changes

* JP Subhunter layers
- will now only spawn units designated as "corvettes".
- had all ship specific entries removed (there were a couple left). All entries should now be "generic".
- upped spawn probablity from 19 and 21% to 45%

* removed misleading radio messages that would encourage the player drop whatever he was doing and go on a wild goose chase.

* Deactivated Subron50 / Holy Loch, UK flotilla. It was confusing to players, and not enough campaign work done on it to make it an enjoyable option.
- deactivated by changing the availablty dates so it closes down before the war even begins.
- commented out appropriate entries in careerstart.upc

* Added JP Minelayers travelling around some large minefields. (Partially done, not complete)

* Added Flipper and his friends.

* Added A few huts featuring bikini's and grass skirts in pearl harbor.

6.) Graphical changes
* changed underwater rendering in the scene.dat to stats used by the previous EE mod by W_clear. The reason was so that the sub was visible in the event camera during a depth charge attack.

* Torpedo textrues by Cpt America

7.) crew changes
* CPO is back to wearing all dunguree's, but retains service cover.

* Removed "Yeaaahhh!" crew cheer every time a torpedo hits.  Good idea at the time, but it got annoying.

/// Beta 2 changes.

* added SCAF by CaptainScurvey
* added max optics by CaptainScurvey

* restored parent child relationship on various damage zones excepting engines, motors, fuel tanks, and rudder.

* added manual range adjustment tweak by Otto's

* Misc sound tweaks
- lowered engine volume from 100 to 93
- increased ambient wind volume from 90 or 91 to 97
- increased sub bow slash sound from 90 to 100

* Fixed CT steersman animation in updated CT files provided by vickers.

* added another 3d damage control crewman in CR

* OOD now faces the captain at the attack periscope when at battlesations.

* altered a couple JP airbase exit dates.

* reduced large JP airbase from 5 squadrons to 4 squadrons after 8/44

* improved traffic in SOJ tell end of war.
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Re: TMO version 1.7
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 06:09:38 PM »
Thank you, Ducimus, for your work  thup clap1 bow1

And prime post updated with download links...  cowbcool

TMO users dl'ing from this site should note that the file here includes the latest pdf file, so the archieve is slightly larger than the subsim version, but not much.
And the archieve has been packed with 7zip  ;)
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Re: TMO version 1.7
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TMO 1.7.. You have been rendered........ Obsolete!

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Re: TMO version 1.7
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2009, 06:14:08 PM »
Okay, so I'll remove the old 1.7 version from the server one of the next days...

TMO1.7 got a pretty good download count:

It shall be interesting to see the new statistics for TMO1.9  thup
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Taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle français, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo español
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