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Demonstration of installing JSGME


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Step by step How to install JSGME

(1) It is always best to install SilentHunter Games outside of the program files folder the suggested path is as shown below
Local Disk (C:) > Ubisoft > SilentHunterIII
Silent Hunter 5 will also use this install path
This will help with any future mod install problems
Don't add another folder to sh3 yet.

(2) Now Download the JSGME from the link shown Here
This should not be place into the SilentHunterIII folder but instead I suggest using
My Documents > Received Files or My Documents > Temp Items

(3) Ok with both Programs on the hard drive double click the jsgme_setup 2.6 Application
This will start the JSGME install click run on the Security Warning and yes if the account control pops up
Click next on the Set-up screen and accept the agreement by again clicking next
keep clicking next until you get to the Select Destination Location Screen Click the Browse Button/tab
Look through your files until you find your newly created folder Ubisoft click this and it should open to show SilentHunterIII and/or Silent Hunter 5 Folder
Just click and highlight the SilentHunterIII folder or Silent Hunter 5 Folder and press the Ok tab/Button
The file install path should now look like this C:\Ubisoft|SilentHunterIII
Or for Silent Hunter 5  C:\Ubisoft/Silent Hunter 5
press next
You can now finish the install not forgetting to say yes to create a desktop icon

(4) Close down all open windows and return to the Desktop you will see the JSGME shortcut
Click the shortcut and it will ask you if you want to create a folder called Mods click yes then close JSGME.

(5) Now if you view the SilentHunterIII or Silent Hunter 5 folder you will see the MODS folder installed
In this folder you should place your extracted mods and on opening JSGME from the shortcut you will be able to activate it.

It's not a good idea to download mods directly to the mods folder always download and extract in one of the above folders and then place it into the Mods folder

You can always find the latest version on JScones' own website

Since it seems that the site is down, then here is the 2.6 version of JSGME:


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