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What is your pc system?

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Phoenix 1957:
My Own System Up-Dated

Case Design: Corsar Carbide Series Air 740.
Case Type: Black Midi Tower Gaming Case Usb 3.0

Operating software: Windows 10 Home
System Type: 64bit operating System

Board Type: Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming

Processor: 7th Gen Kaby Lake i7-7700K
Socket Type: 1151 Socket
Operation Frequency: 4.2 GHZ
Core: 4 Core 8 threads
Tech: 22nm
Processor Cooling Type: Cooler Master V8

Ram Type: DDR4. G.Skill Trident Z RGB. Total Amount: 32Gb/s 4x8Gb/s sticks
TDP: 77w
Ram Channel: Quad Channel versions.
Specifications of use: XMP Modules

Power Source: XfX PRO 750W Single Easy Rail Technology

Graphics Card: Asus Strix
Card 1 Type: GTX 970
Card 2 Type: GTX 970
Cooling: DirectCUII
Memory: 4Gb+4Gb

System storage Drives:
System Hard Drive & User 1 Hard Drive: Scandisk 480Gb Sata3 SSD Drive
User 2 Hard Drive: Scandisk 480Gb Sata3 SSD Drive
Games Drive: Scandisk 480Gb Sata3 SSD Drive
On Board back-up drive: W Green 2Tb Hard Drive
Total System Back-Up Drive:  2Tb External Hard Drive

Sound Card: On Card Sound Blaster Chips

Wifi & Bluetooth Card: Gigabyte GC-WB8670-1
Card Speed: 867 Mbps

System cooling controller: Gigabyte Smart Fan 5
Thermal Solutions: 3 120mm fans


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