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What is your pc system?

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My desktop (gaming pc) is currently this:

High Performance Core 2 Duo E6600, 2.40 GHz
Chieftec LCX-01 Workstation
LC-POWER 550W, 120mm, 14 dB
ASUS P5B Deluxe, P965, DDR2/GLAN/RAID/1394a/WiFi motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2.40 GHz / 1066 MHz, 4 MB
Kingston HyperX DDR2, 800 MHz CL4, 4x 1 GB
Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
2 * Maxtor DM 21, 250 GB, 7200 rpm, 16 MB, SATA II
Lite-On SHM-165P6S DVD Writer, 16x DL
Lite-On DVD-ROM, 16/48x, bulk
Multi Reader 15-i-1, intern, USB 2.0
1.44 MB floppydrive
Standard Cooler, 120x120x25, 26 dBA
Logitech Laser Mouse
ViewSonic 19" LCD 1280*1024 max

Running win7 with my desktop now... chatten

Rockin Robbins:
OK, I'll bite on that one. My current PC was built by me in February 2007. The timing was forced because Microsloth had just released Vista and was removing Windows XP from the market soon (they said) and there was a great OEM version of XP Media Center Edition on sale at Newegg. Time to go shopping! I ended up with

Red Logisys Special Edition Dracula Computer Case CS602RD-S, w/ Acrylic Side Window & Handle Bar
Rosewill 600 watt power supply RD 600N-2DB-SL-BK
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard
AMD Opteron 175 dual processor
2 gb kinda quick RAM by some intimidating high class manufacturer
2 x 320 gB Western Digital WDC WD32 00AAKS HD
1 500 gB Seagate ST3500 0AS HD
1  Seagate ST3408 3.5" ATA IDE Hard Drive 40GB (Linux lives here)
Lite-On Combo SOHC-5236K DVD reader/CD RW
CyberDrv CW-058D CD-R/RW
Generic 3.25" floppy drive
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card
EVGA 7600GT video card
Dell 20" 1600x900 flat panel monitor
Creative 5.1 Surround Speaker System
Logitech Click! Optical Mouse
Wacom Graphire CTE-440 Graphics Tablet
Saitek Eclipse II red/blue/purple backlighted keyboard

This is far from the latest system out there but it's been a great and reliable system for three years. I bought it to last 5 years of reasonable service and it looks like it could even go longer than that and not be something to laugh at. I'm at the limit of what I can do with a slot 939 motherboard, so next upgrade is going to have to be motherboard/processor/memory and it'll take some study. I'm happy for now. hura1

-ASRock A790GXH/128 (AMD 790+ATI 750) 2xPCIE Crossfire Ready
-AMD Phenom IIx4-940 (3Ghz) Black Edition @3.6Ghz
-CoolerMaster 600Watts Power Supply (80+)
-Noctua NHC12P Cooling
-ATI (Sapphire) Radeon HD4870/1Go
-2x2Go DDR2 6400 Dual Channel
-Philips DVDRW
-1x HDD 320 Go SATA Samsung
-1x HDD 500 Go SATA Western Digital
-1x HDD USB2.0 Externe 60Go (For System BackUp)
-Cibox 22'' LCD (1680x1050)
-Logitech 5.1 Surround Speaker System
-Aiptek HyperPen 12000U Graphics Tablet (A3 Format)

-ADSL 20 Mega

-Windows Vista Familiale Premium

-Comodo Internet Security 4.xx (Free & Very Good)
-Comodo TimeMachine (Free & Very Good)
-Comodo BackUp (Free & Good)
-Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
-KeePass Password Manager

-And me , the masterpiece of this configuration!!

Minnie Mouse:
I do not know to much about computers so here goes.....

A laptop....

does that count..
13.3" widescreen TFT
Memory 2GB
Hard disk 160GB
Optical drive DVD+/-RW
4xUSB 2.0
10/100Mbit LAN
Wireless LAN b/g

its only a Laptop any good????

It does what I want it to do so I think its fair enough


--- Quote from: Minnie Mouse on March 26, 2010, 11:53:02 PM ---its only a Laptop any good????

It does what I want it to do so I think its fair enough

--- End quote ---

A laptop is fine for travelling, and yours looks like it can handle SH3&4, maybe not both at highest graphical setting, but it should be able to play the games.


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