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Frequently Asked Questions about SH3/SH4/SH5

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I can't answer your question, since I have never used that particular mod.
However, another matter: you have used an unvalid email adress when you signed up in SHMF. That's a no go here. Please correct it asap.  copsm

Phoenix 1957:
It is possible that you have overwritten the basic file if all the ships are acting the same way.
If you read the instructions it might say what ship to use at a certain time of the war   scrtg

I'm having the same problem Wolfman is, and I'm using a Type VIIB, which according to the first ship pack converts into a Deutschland-class Panzerschiffe. I started a new campaign, beginning in August 1939, and OBVIOUSLY those vessels were in use at that point.  banghead Freaking sucks because this is such a cool mod.


I haven't played any of the SH games for a long time. SH4 was booted up end of 2011 the last time!!!

I have considered installing SH3 and SH4 on my laptop, but it's win7 64-bit. Is there anything I must know before installing on a 64-bit version?

Phoenix 1957:
same old same as really don't install to the program files folder  thup1


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