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Frequently Asked Questions about SH3/SH4/SH5

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This post is intended to collect questions and answers to our favorite games: SH3/SH4/SH5
So if you have any questions regarding the games, how to do this or how to do that, then ask them in this thread, and as soon as someone has answered the question, it will be added to the main post here below.

i want to ask you about SH5, after finish the first mission (sink 3 ship and dock in Kiev), i speak with the commander to receiver mission, but after the talk nothing happen, no mission were given. Can you help me please

Phoenix 1957:
Have a read of this

In SH5, how to find a merchant in a patrol each time a merchant appear in the map, when i get close to this point nothing was found, it seem like this ship had been gone for a long time

I have Silent Hunter III V1.4.
I got the stock version of the Warship Mod 3.0 from Chinese U-47.  I got in using JSGME and i'm pretty sure i installed it properly.  I read posted directions and followed them.  I open silent hunter 3 and the WSM loading screens come up.  But when i load the mission the command report box says either "Flak Gun 1 Destroyed
           Flak Gun 2 Destroyed
           Flak Gun 3 Destroyed"
or      "Radar Destroyed"
or it says nothing.  but i cannot put people in the guns.  flak or deck guns.  the ship model has no guns at all on it.  the sidebar with the choice of flak or deck gun becomes opaque and cannot select it.  Ship moves and everything else is fine but there are no guns on the deck.  i have no idea what the problem is.  On every ship model there are no guns.  Im getting desperate because this sounds so awesome. computerbad


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