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Animated flag icons


I'll add numerous more animated flags to the post icon image group, so an American user don't have to use the Union Jack, but can choose to have Stars and Stripes instead, and numerous latin countries share Spanish as language, but can have their own flag.
So the flag will still more or less represent the main language of the post, but also the nationality of the modder.
Will happen one of the days soon...

Phoenix 1957:
I think this would be a great idea to display the National Flag of the modder in the thread as long as it is known. As some modder don’t display their home country I would like to post the Australian Flag on Venatore’s thread.

I am new to the forum.  How do I add my flag to my profile?  I can't find anything in the help files.  I'm probably looking in the wrong place (do you have a white ensign?  I'm ex-RN).

Hey, and  urWelcome

You could add your flag to the signature as I have done it.
It all depends, which country you're from, if an animated flag exists for your country or not.

Phoenix 1957:
To Add a flag to each posts you make you add it from the icon dropdown
as shown in the pictures below  thup1


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