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Phoenix 1957:
[REL] Phoenix 1957 Predator Class Sub Mod

This mod I have produced for total fun this makes the VIIB,VIIC,IXB subs look dam cool
The mod places the VII/B turm2 showing Racerboys twin flags mod and the diesel smoke on some subs.
the mod changes the subs from 1939 onwards
It has a version of the basic file v2 file in it so the subs are well armed and a little faster then most
The second flag showing is the Predator wolf head but you can changed it to what you want by changing the 7b_1_Flag_2 and also the 7b_2_Flag_2 to what ever you want
Also why not try YokonJack_AK VIIC Atlantic Predator skin if you use the VIIC is dam good
Just unpack the mod into your Mods folder Then enable using JSGME.
Any of the subs above you chose will start with the Turm fitted on it

The VIIC Version

The IX version



[REL] Basic File Version 2.

this small mod will allow you to up grade your sub any way you like.
at any time.
it will also make available all subs that are used at a base at any time of the war.



[REL] Phoenix 1957 Toolbars and icons

These are the latest version icons and cannot be found anywhere else
Unless they are being displayed without my permission.
I have produced Integrated orders version of all the toolbars and icons.


Also a version for the normal Game.


I just wanted to get rid of all the boring grey icons in the game

Phoenix 1957:
[WIP] New Environment mod

Im messing with the water files again
This is the latest version water mod
But it seems the interest in environment mods has dwindled
Im play testing it for now this one is a 8Km version  kaffee

looks quite good i think  scrtg

Phoenix 1957:
i love the look of this sunset...

the new version is getting there  thup1

Phoenix 1957:
Phoenix 1957 Water 10Km Version 2

After once again attempting to use the environment program MEP now supplied by LSH3v5 and again finding that the water look fine but the sky was empty of clouds and the sun was tiny also the moon.   mtzi
I decided to rip the scene DAT.file apart and try to find the problem which prevented me from using this mod. Maybe it is because I am using a Nvidia graphics card but quite a few of the MEP file were set a mile too high which caused some of the problems that were happening when I tried to use the mod.
but as for no clouds in the sky this seemed to be cause by the clouds mapping being corrupted when I attempted to use the mod so I totally redone the DAT.file and now the whole thing seems to run fine.    chatten

So I have now produced my latest version Water mod V2 this is a 10Km version with updated sensors to work with any version mod.
It has the Horizon fix included and as the name states the objects should start to become visible to your crew and also you at approximately 10Km they seem to come out of the mist BUT not as before the mist looks natural and not looking like the ship is floating on it.
The water colours will look darker than before this is due to the horizon fix there are again 2 versions to choose from a green Atlantic water version and a blue Atlantic water version.

Credits ...
OLC                  clap1

Blue Atlantic version ....... download1

Green Atlantic version ....... download1

Phoenix 1957:
Phoenix 1957 Map Tools mod

This Mod places different matching icons to your Map Screen
Can be used with Stock or GWX versions of the game
Curser Icons re-cut and cleaned up from original mod
Original name of mod Phoenix1957 &     ban-sm    map tool icons
This version has none of the original version faults and cleaner Icons

Fully JSGME Ready just unpack it place it in your Mods folder  oldie1

Thanks for looking  thup1



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