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« on: May 20, 2009, 07:07:48 PM »
This is THE program to use if you want to have more than one installation of SH3 running at the same time without uninstalling.
Say you want both LSH3 and WAC, then have two folders like

In each folder, you then put MultiSH3.exe and run it, and then you can choose a folder name up to three characters.


For clarity sake, this is an initiative by TheRealPotoroo and here's his original readme, which also is included in the zip file.

About MultiSH3
MultiSH3 is a utility that will change the folder name in My Documents that Silent Hunter 3 uses to save campaign and career information. It does this by patching a file in the game's root folder called FileManager.dll.  Stock SH3 is hard-coded to save this information in a folder called My Documents\SH3, but given the large number of supermods and other mods it may be desirable to be able to separate careers by saving them in different folders.  For example, you might want to have a stock SH3 1.4b installation, a TGW installation and an NYGM installation, each with their own career information.

The obvious benefit of this is that it prevents any possible confusion over which campaigns and careers belong to which installation.  Mod developers may find it useful to have a known safe copy of SH3 and one or more development copies, each completely separate.  Gamers may find it useful to be able to remove, repair or update supermods without having to uninstall the lot and start again (anyone who has needed to modify their Grey Wolves installation should see the benefit of this immediately).

Using MultiSH3
MultiSH3 can be used in one of two ways:

A single installation of SH3, modded as required, with multiple independent campaigns and careers; or
Multiple installations of SH3 (hence the name MultiSH3), each with independent campaigns and careers.
1. Using MultiSH3 (single installation of SH3)
Install SH3, patch it and install mods as required.  Copy MultiSH3 into the game's root folder (default: \Program Files\Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII).  Run MultiSH3 to change the save folder name.  This folder name can be 1 to 3 characters long.  The next time you run SH3 it will use the new save folder name.  If the folder does not exist then SH3 will create it.  Swapping between save folders in this environment requires running MultiSH3 each time you want to change campaigns/careers.

Be sure to make a backup copy of FileManager.dll before running MultiSH3 in this environment.

2. Using MultiSH3 (multiple installations of SH3)
It is recommended you begin with a clean installation of SH3, patched to 1.4b.  If you wish to use JSGME, install it in the stock game folder, run it and generate a snapshot of the game files before proceeding.  Do not install any mods at this stage.

Create a new installation of SH3 by copying the whole folder and everything underneath it to a new location.  For example, you might copy the contents of Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII to Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves or where ever it is you wish to put the copy.  This requires approximately 2.44GB of free disk space.  Do not try to reuse the SH3 installer.  Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to copy the folder and paste it somewhere else.  Rename the "Copy of SilentHunterIII" folder to whatever name you want for it (eg, "TheGreyWolves", "NYGM", etc).
Copy MultiSH3.exe to this new SH3 folder ("Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves" in this example).  You do not need to put it into the original game folder, only into the copy.
Run MultiSH3 from this new folder and change the save folder name to something other than the default "SH3".  This folder name can be 1 to 3 characters long (for example, you might use "GW" or "TGW" for The Grey Wolves).  The next time you run SH3 it will use the new save folder name.  If the folder does not exist then SH3 will create it.

It may be helpful to also create a new shortcut, pointing to the new sh3.exe location (ie, Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves\sh3.exe).
Install mods (ie, The Grey Wolves) into the new folder, leaving the stock installation unmodified.
In this example you end up with two game folders:

Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII (default, stock 1.4b)
Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves (modified)

Two save folders:

My Documents\SH3 (default)
My Documents\TGW (new)

And two shortcuts:

Shortcut pointing to "Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII\sh3.exe"
Shortcut pointing to "Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves\sh3.exe"

Repeat the above for as many installations as you want, always copying from the stock 1.4b folder.

In the event of a problem with FileManager.dll replace the corrupted copy with the original from the stock 1.4b installation and try again.

MultiSH3 and other mods
MultiSH3 should not affect mods that do not access the campaign and career files, although you may need to install them once in each installation according to need.

SH3 Commander or later can be used in conjunction with MultiSH3.  To use SH3 Commander with MultiSH3 you must:

Follow the instructions above and run MultiSH3 to set the desired save folder name.
Run SH3 (sh3.exe) to create the new save folder.
Run SH3 Commander.  To specify a game location other than the default launch it with the /l switch as per the documentation.  For example, to use the Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves example given above you would need to modify the SH3 Commander shortcut's target like this:

"C:\Program Files\SH3 Commander\SH3Cmdr.exe" /l:"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\TheGreyWolves"

It may be helpful to also create a new shortcut for SH3 Commander for each new installation of SH3.
MultiSH3 is freeware.  It may be distributed freely as long as it is not separated from this readme file.  It may not be distributed or sold for profit, nor included in any for profit package or distribution without prior written approval.


Copyright © 2006 Potoroo, TheRealPotoroo
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