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Hi everyone,

sad to say that "FileFront" is closing its site. Jaeson Jones (JoneSoft) has published the "newest" version of his famous "SH3 Commander" on FileFront.

Now, you can download "SH3 Commander Version 3.2" here at "SilentHunterModForum"! (the original EXE by JoneSoft):


SH3_Cmdr is one of the best tools for SilentHunter3. With SH3_Cmdr, you can change many values and parameters directly witout editing the original SH3 files (that means: without hex-editing!). For example: wave high, number of days in base, TC rate when near land.

And SH3_Cmdr has a wonderfull patrol log:

with a detailed list of your "success":

SH3_Cmdr can be used with stock SH3 and GWX. LSH3 user will find a "special" Mod for SH3_Cmdr in the "LSH3 section" here.



is there anybody who can make this fit for SH4 and SH5?  hmmmmmmmmmmm

pirate  piratey

Phoenix 1957:
Already works with 4 and 5  hmmmmmmmmmmm


--- Quote from: SeaWolf U-57 on April 25, 2013, 12:41:33 PM ---Already works with 4 and 5  hmmmmmmmmmmm

--- End quote ---

Mmmm, AFAIR it doesn't. It was made for SH3. He was asked to make a version for SH4 and SH5, but I don't think that he ever did...

Phoenix 1957:
I got mixed up with JSGME I have never used Commander nor will I ever do so


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