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[REL] RFB 1.52
« on: July 06, 2009, 02:42:10 PM »
Alternative download

RFB 1.52 File:

RFB 1.52 Manual:

Key Command Changes:

For the latest info from RFB Team, read the RFB thread at subsim by clicking this banner:

Original release text by RFB Team:
RFB 1.52 for SH4 v1.5
uploaded 10.25.08, with new patch 18 January 2009, plus hotfix

Posted for download
The 1.5 compatible version of the latest Real Fleet Boat

RFB release file names begin with RFB 1.5 and end with the release date.
Date is in the MM.DD.YY format

If you read nothing else, PLEASE READ THIS SECTION!!

**** This is mod is compatible only with version 1.5 of the game****

Please, read the manual before asking a question about RFB gameplay. We are not against helping RFB players with their questions, but we have strove to make the manual as comprehensive as can be at this point in time. More likely than not, your question will be answered by reading the manual.

RFB Support for version 1.4 of the game has stopped. Do NOT attempt to install this mod with any version of the game other than 1.5! The 1.4 file is still available for download, but remember the RFB team is NOT supporting it. DO NOT ask questions about 1.4 in this thread.

Installation notes:

Please download and read the manual for information about how to install the mod. Make sure you download and enable the patch after the main RFB file.

Some of the Key commands have changed from stock- Download the RFB key command changes file to see the changes. We are working on a keyboard layout you can download and print out.

Gameplay notes:

    * RFB 1.5 introduces a new submarine damage model system that is a departure from earlier models. The important thing to note here is that small-caliber (i.e., 20 mm) fire can and will damage your submarine and have a negative effect on your crew's health. In short, this means your sub's hull integrity will slowly be eaten away if you allow an enemy ship to rake your hull with cannon fire, not to mention the crew casualties you will suffer as well. This new system is a work-in-progress and will be improved upon in further RFB releases.
    * Fuel management is now even more of a crucial item you simply cannot ignore. In RFB, every sub has been configured to obtain its best balance between speed and range with the Ahead Standard bell. Any higher and your fuel efficiency will drop; at lower speeds your range will increase, but it will take you that much longer to reach your objective. In conjunction with this, your navigator will tell you what your maxiumum range is at your current speed; look for the button on the menu bar. With thoughtful and rational use of your boat's speed settings, you can complete 4-week-plus patrols easily without having to re-fuel. If you run out of fuel, you did something wrong.
    * When you man a deck gun or anti-aircraft gun for the first time on a patrol, you must click the shell icon in order for the gun to load. Do NOT, repeat, do NOT post messages to the effect of "my gun is out of ammo!" here on the forum. You will be referred to this thread instead.

RFB Team (so far)

Anyone who's allowed us to use their mod- see the list here

Direct contributors and/or testers- Beery, LukeFF, Raymond6751, Wilcke, DeepIron, Capn Scurvy, PantherHercules, AVGWarhawk, CCIP, Donner, Nuc, lurker_hlb3, Ducimus, AkbarGulag, RockinRobbins, swdw, Carotio, Observer, Der Teddy Bär, Monolith, Peto, fireship4, Rockin Robbins, Gunfighter, Fearless, CDR Resser, Donner, skwasjer, Nisgeis, FooFighters

Honorary- LeoVampire, kv29, kriller2, sober, and SteveTRM, John Hamm, who've allowed us to merge some of their changes with RFB files, answered my questions and given great advice.

Thanks to lurker_hlb3 for making RSRD and OM compatible with RFB.

A SPECIAL thanks to skwasjer; w/o his S3D much of this would not happen.


Download Locations

(Run a Google search if you don't have a file extractor). Extract the file to your SH4 directory and enable the mod via JSGME (again, Google it if you don't know what it is).

RFB 1.52 File:

RFB 1.52 Manual:

RFB 1.4 File:

Key Command Changes:

INSTALLING Real Fleet Boat- file overwrites

You will be asked if you want to overwrite files. Go ahead and accept the overwrites. The explanation as to why follows.

What working together means is that any files overwritten by RFB have the changes from the other mod built into them.

RSRD overwrites some files in RFB that are the same in all aspects in both mods. The reason those files are in RFB also is RFB already had campaign changes in it and they are left in there for people who don't want to use RSRD. The other files RSRD overwrites in RFB replaces the RFB campaign mods. Yes this changes the campaign files in RFB, but that's actually desirable because RSRD is a different, vastly more comprehensive and better developed mod than the campaign mod in RFB.

So they are considered compatible because you only gain additional features by overwriting files, but you don't get conflicts. Does this explanation makes sense?

Because of the fact the mods are built independently, it's not possible to have files that never overwrite


Brief List of 10.24.08 Changes

    * New ship damage model by Observer
    * New American submarine damage model by Observer
    * Pacific Environments 4 mod by Kriller completely integrated
    * New AI and submarine visual sensor mod by Der Teddy Bär
    * New intro and loading screens by Galanti
    * New uniforms by John W. Hamm and conus00
    * New clickable interiors by LukeFF
    * Updated and revised rosters by LukeFF
    * Updated and corrected radar and sensor properties by LukeFF
    * New weapons sounds for the deck guns and AA guns


Brief List of 06.23.08 changes

Re-worked crew rosters for American submarines by LukeFF
Re-adjusted torpedo peformance by LukeFF
Small adjustments to a couple of audio files by LukeFF
Deck gun shell power slightly adjusted by LukeFF
Japanese depth charge fix, brought to our attention by lurker_hlb3
Modified Truk Island terrain by Carotio


Brief List of 1.5 05.10.08 changes

Re-worked crew configurations for all submarines and U-boats by LukeFF
Equipment, conning tower, and upgrade pack rework by LukeFF
New, more realistic flags by LukeFF
New hydrophone sounds by LukeFF
New submarine and crew damage work by LukeFF
New SCAF work by CapnScurvy
Orders bar graphics by AVGWarhawk
Submarine interior dials and TDC/Torpedo panel graphics by AVGWarhawk
Orders bar button layout by swdw
Torpedo performance adjustments by swdw
HUD dials by Jimimadrid
Textured Pants with WWII Belt Buckle mod by CaptainCox
American Medals Fix by Ducimus
Submarine Smoke mod by Ducimus


Brief list of 1.4 03.14.08 changes

Peto's extended evasion
CapnScurvy's SCAF
swdw's draft and dive rate
De@dMe@t's Night Hamilton22 Chrono
Anvart's SD antenna mod
Cap'n Cox's Airbase location mods
Ducimus' tugboat and Kaibokan fixes
LukeFF's Realistic Crew configs and National Flags
SteveTRM's Sounds
Castorp345's What color is your torpedo
Castorp345 and Tei's new radio graphic

Changes to RFB by the team
AI sensor changes
Sub Hydrophone changes
Sub radar changes
Interior gauges
Interior eye candy
Crew placement in the control room
HUD rework
Range changes to boats
Increased crew manning to correct levels on some boats
Periscope cross hair colors
Hull damage
Crew damage
Crew roster changes
Crew ability changes
More realistic torpedoes
Corrected dates for boat types, add-ons, torpedoes
Decoys available when historically available
Removal of texture files and scene files that conflict with either Kriller2's or W_Clear's environmental mods.
Shell damage and reload times
A number of additional sounds and alterations to sounds

AiR Layer changes

Just make this the LAST mod you install. You can install this w/o returning to port.
To be on the safe side, though, don't install it if you have a saved game with an active air contact. Play the saved game until the air contact clears, save it and then install.

This includes airfields and Seaplane Bases selectively chosen, but with strong regard to historic battlefront intensity and relevance.

Here's a brief sketch he wrote of what he's done.All airfields are from various net sources and are not placed by Long/Lat. That said, they should have a fairly good margin of error in most cases, say 0-15 km. All airfield dates will be as accurate as can be researched, this is usually pretty much spot on.

Aircraft added:

B5N2_Kate (Specialist version)
A6M2-N_Rufe (Courtesy Lurker_hlb3)

The Nakajima is for a base put in place of tender ships. It is a physical floatbase, but is placed in the air layer whenever the tender ships took part in an operation. The float base (tender ship) will also have F1M petes.

-Betty's are rare, Zero fighters even rarer.
-Visible A6M2-N presence from 42 to mid 43. This is over archipelago's.
-H8K's visibly improve with radar technology over the theatre progression.
-1944 sees some specialist B5N2 and variations.
-Specialist C6N2 search plane employs Type_N6 Radar.(Radar set enters service in Sep '44)
-Air DC doctrine progresses.

Despite having 'depth vision', all attack aircraft have normal max distance view. This means they will detect you underwater only at proximity, 50m will generally shake detection. Especially effective when a search plane 'tells' them where to look.

Despite having a reduced air frequency, radio contacts will be attended with great competency. This has allowed Search planes to do the job they were intended for. And that's directing ASW to you.

Not all planes are malicious, many will not see you without radar equipment.

Bomber and Fighter ground based aircraft set to Novice.

Changes in 1.3 also part of 1.4
IJN Corrected ship EQP 1.0, IJN radar fix, IJN DC mod 0.91 for stock install- Tater

Combined uniform mod- Capt Cox

Realistic Crew Ranks 1.3a- LukeFF

JP ship dimension fix- Krupp [Added dimension fixes to RFB. Where a cfg file was in this file and RFB, compared the files and merged so dimension fixes (length, width, mast, draft) were included with RFB changes to other parameters. Corrected NSC_Subchaser folder name to correct name]

Graybar metal HUD- Jaketoox- modified in the 1.4 release

Fuel & battery range changes- Ducimus

Rock & Roll submarine added to RFB files- Leovampire (Leo's changes, I just copied them into the RFB files- give him the credit)

Sub propeller rotation fix- Anvart

Sleep mod- Raymond6751 Tired of your whole crew going to sleep- this will help. Note -you still can't keep them at battlestations 24/7. They do have to sleep, but they recover faster now.

Better Scopes mod v1.5- Capt Cox

Sub Speeds- this takes Leo's sub speed changes for the EO telegraph and modifies them to match some real data found. Slightly different from Leo's, but still gives better silent running than stock. Leovampire/swdw

LukeFF realistic crew config- historical crew setup and watch station requirements

Trimzekes' sweaty sailors, CPO, and Foul weather uniform mod

New Intro movies-swdw
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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 02:44:10 PM »
part 2 of 3 quote

Real Fleet Boat (realism mod for single player SH4):
This mod fixes a number of inconsistencies in Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific. The changes more accurately reflect the

available historical data concerning submarine activities in WW2. The eventual goal of the patch is to accurately recreate all

aspects of the submarine war between 1941 and 1945. Please note that this mod is in no way supported or endorsed by Ubisoft. It

is an unofficial patch intended purely to enhance everyone's enjoyment of the game.
Recommended Settings:
All gameplay (realism) setting check boxes should be checked except for 'No External View' (if desired) and 'No Map Contact

Installation instructions:
Please, always install the Real Fleet Boat mod over a clean copy of Silent Hunter 4 with the necessary official patch. Please do

not copy over an older RFB version - sometimes files are removed from the mod and if the older mod is not uninstalled these

leftover files may cause problems.
If you're using the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler:
Simply unzip the RealUboat mod into the Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific\MODS folder. Then, run JSGME.exe and you should see

the mod listed as an available mod. Simply select it, then press the enable button and the mod will automatically install. If

you ever want to uninstall the mod, simply run JSGME.exe again and disable the mod. This will return the game to its previous

If you're not using the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler, first unzip the mod to the desktop. Then, open the folder that's been

created. Inside you'll see a data folder and a readme file. Copy these to the Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific folder (make

sure you have the correct version of SH4 installed first). When you copy the files, Windows will ask you if you want to

overwrite files: click on yes for all files.
Version 0.01:
070326: Removed Ubisoft logo movie. Mod by 9th Flotilla (Data\Movies\Intro\Logo.wmv).
070326: Removed intro movie. Mod by Beery (Data\Movies\Intro\Intro.wmv).
070327: Adjusted realism settings to make 'Realistic' the default game setting and to remove the penalty for using the outside

camera view. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\GameplaySettings.cfg).
070327: Added realistic sun graphic. Mod by GunMod (Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\sun_b.tga).
Version 0.02:
070327: Added part of Realistic Plotting mod from RUb. Original mod by GouldJG with additional content by Observer

070327: Added Greenlamp mod. Mod by Jimimadrid (Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\, HUD.tga, HUD_AdversarialMode.tga,, ReplayElements.tga).
070327: Added Realistic Battery Life mod. Mod by CCIP (Data\Submarine\NSS_Tambor\NSS_Tambor.sim,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Sargo\NSS_Sargo.sim, Data\Submarine\NSS_Salmon\NSS_Salmon.sim, Data\Submarine\NSS_Porpoise\NSS_Porpoise.sim,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Gato\NSS_Gato.sim, Data\Submarine\NSS_Balao\NSS_Balao.sim).
070328: Added 'RealisticShipSinkingTime=true' to gameplay settings. Mod by Galanti (Data\Cfg\GameplaySettings.cfg). Not sure if

this helps, but it can't hurt.
070328: Added realistic moon graphic. Mod by Ailantd & Beery (Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\,
Version 0.03
070328: Removed orange U-boat position marker. Mod by Beery (data\Misc\
070329: Added mod name and version number to loading screen. Mod by Beery (data\Menu\Loading\
070329: Added 16 new campaign start dates to complement the game's video briefings. Mod by Beery

(Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerStart.upc, CareerVideoBriefings.upc).
Version 1.10
070329: Removed the game's soundtrack. Mod by Schlageter-JG26 (Data\Sound\Music\music.cfg, Nosound.ogg).
070330: Added Icons mod. Mod by Jimimadrid (Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\
070331: Corrected bases and dates of service for all Gar, Porpoise, S18, S42, Salmon, Sargo & Tambor Class submarines. Mod by

Beery (Data\Roster\American\Submarine\SSGar.cfg, SSPorpoise.cfg, SSS18.cfg, SSS42.cfg, SSSalmon.cfg, SSSargo.cfg, SSTambor.cfg;

Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerStart.upc, Flotillas.upc).

070401: Added Vertical Nomograph tool. Mod by Cdrake66 & Hildofr (Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\;

*** 070401: Added Real Medals mod. Mod by FullMetalEdges (Dat\Menu\Data\,;

Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\; Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070401: Added Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians as a port from which players can start campaigns. Mod by Beery

(Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerStart.upc, Flotillas.upc).
Version 1.11
070403: Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Dutch Harbor in April 1942.
Version 1.12
070404: Added new clock. Mod by Castorp345 & Chomu (Data\Menu\Gui\, Data\Menu\menu_1024_768.ini).
070404: Added various command hotkeys that were in use in SH3 and RUb. See 'RFB Changes to Commands.cfg.rtf for a full list of

changes. Tweaks by CCIP (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg).
070405: Fixed as much poor English as possible in the video briefings' subtitle files. Mod by Beery

(Data\Movies\Missions\01_PEARL_HARBOR.sub, 03_BURMJAWA.sub, 04_CORAL_B.sub, 06_MID_B.sub, 07_MID_DB.sub, 08_GUADAL_B.sub,

09_GUADAL_DB.sub, 10_SOLOMON_B.sub, 11_SOLOMON_DB.sub, 12_TARAWA.sub, 13_MARSHALLS.sub, 14_MARIANA_B.sub, 15_MARIANA_DB.sub,

17_PHILIPINES_DB.sub, 18_IWOJIMA.sub, 19_OKINAWA_B.sub, 20_OKINAWA_DB.sub, 21_ENDWAR.sub).
070406: Added pre-war start dates. Mod by Beery (Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Patrol Marshall Islands 01\Patrol

Marshall Islands 01.tsr, Patrol Marshall Islands 02\Patrol Marshall Islands 02.tsr, Patrol Philippines 01\Patrol Philippines

01.tsr, Patrol Philippines 02\Patrol Philippines 02.tsr, Patrol Philippines 03\Patrol Philippines 03.tsr, Patrol Philippines

04\Patrol Philippines 04.tsr, Patrol Philippines 05\Patrol Philippines 05.tsr, Patrol Philippines 06\Patrol Philippines 06.tsr,

Patrol Philippines 07\Patrol Philippines 07.tsr; Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerStart.upc\PatrolObjectives.cfg).
070406: Added patrol objectives for the Aleutian campaign. Mod by Beery and Egan

(Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Patrol Attu 01\Patrol Attu 01.mis, Patrol Attu 01.tsr;

Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Photo Attu 01\Photo Attu 01.mis, Photo Attu 01.tsr;

Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Insertion Commando Attu 01\Insertion Commando Attu 01.mis, Insertion Commando Attu

01.tsr; Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Patrol Kodiak 01\Patrol Kodiak 01.mis, Patrol Kodiak 01.tsr;

Data\Campaigns\Campaign\PatrolObjectives\Patrol Paramushiro 01\Patrol Paramushiro 01.mis, Patrol Paramushiro 01.tsr;

Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\Flotillas.upc, PatrolObjectives.cfg).
070407: Reduced frequency of enemy air attack. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\Airstrike.cfg).
Version 1.13
070409: Adjusted some mission objectives that didn't make sense (i.e. photographing enemy ships in Manila harbour in December

1941). Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\PatrolObjectives.cfg).
070409: Added Crush Depths mod. Mod by CCIP with Max Depth tweak by Beery (Data\Submarine\NSS_Tambor\NSS_Tambor.cfg,

NSS_Tambor.zon, Data\Submarine\NSS_Sargo\NSS_Sargo.cfg, NSS_Sargo.zon, Data\Submarine\NSS_Salmon\NSS_Salmon.cfg, NSS_Salmon.zon,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Porpoise\NSS_Porpoise.cfg, NSS_Porpoise.zon, Data\Submarine\NSS_Gato\NSS_Gato.cfg, NSS_Gato.zon,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Balao\NSS_Balao.cfg, NSS_Balao.zon, Data\Submarine\NSS_s18\NSS_s18.cfg, NSS_s18.zon).
070409: Added realistic deck gun reloads. Mod by Beery (Data\Library\USSubParts\Deck_Gun_3_50.sim, Deck_Gun_4_50.sim,

070410: Reduced AI vision and made AI destroyers search longer after losing contact with submarines. Mod by CCIP

070411: Added extra crewmember names. Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCCrewData\CrewMemberNames.upc).
070411: Adjusted starting renown for careers. Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerStart.upc).
070412: Adjusted (slightly) the draught of S-18 and S-42 boats. Mod by Beery (Data\Submarine\NSS_s18.sim).
070412: Changed German National Anthem to Stars and Stripes Forever (plays in Surabaya harbour). Mod by Beery

070412: Changed give-away 'Enemy Unit Destroyed', 'Friendly Unit Destroyed' and 'Neutral Unit Destroyed' to generic 'She's going

down!' message. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\menu.txt)
070413: Increased free camera maximum height to 2000m and the distance from objects was reduced to 1.8m. Reduced the distance of

the object view camera to enable close viewing. Also increased the viewing angles in the career room. Mod by Beery

070413: Reduced the brightness of the water coming out of the sub's limber holes. Mod by CaptainCox

(Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\; Data\Textures\TLowRes\tex\
Version 1.20
070414: Reduced the brightness of the game's recognition manual. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\Data\
070418: Temporarily removed crush depth mod (*.zon files only) in order to test SH4 v1.2 stock crush depths.
070418: Configured mod for SH4 version 1.2.
Version 1.21
070419: Removed crosshairs from binoculars. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\menu_1024_768.ini).
070420: Added three Kongo class battleships and adjusted some battleship info. This adds more variation in terms of the victims

listed in your logbook, reducing the chances of sinking the same ship twice. Mod by Beery (Data\Roster\Japan\Sea\BBFuso.cfg,

BBIse.cfg, BBIseConv.cfg, BBKongo.cfg, BBYamato.cfg).
070420: Added the ability to use the right mouse button to toggle between the conning tower and the command room cameras. Mod by

Beery (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg).
070424: Changed waves attenuation value to 0.01 in order to reduce trough depth and lessen the boat's apparent ability to fly

from one wave to another. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\Sim.cfg).
070424: Added Realistic Crew Ranks and Skills mod. Mod by LukeFF (Data\UPCData\UPCCrewData\Ranks.upc,

070424: Added Cardinal Direction mod. Mod by Iceberg (Data\Menu\MouseCurs\,
070424: Added NoMapIFF mod. This mod brings more realistic contact reporting to the game, with a lot more 'fog of war' making

you work a little harder to identify and attack contacts. Mod by Iceberg, adapted from the RUb version by GouldJG and Observer

(all * files in Data\Air and Data\Sea folders and sub-folders. Also Data\Menu\Gui\Units\,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

070428: Added Realistic Crew Configs mod. This mod alters the crew from the unrealistic SH4 defaults to a more historically

correct line-up. Mod by LukeFF (All submarine *.upc files in the submarine folders in Data\Submarine. Also,

Data\UPCData\UPCCrewData\CrewMembers.upc and Data\UPCData\UPCUnitsData\UnitParts1Gato.upc, UnitParts2Porpoise.upc,

UnitParts3Balao.upc, UnitParts4SClass.upc, UnitParts5Salmon.upc, UnitParts6Sargo.upc, UnitParts7Tambor.upc).
Version 1.22
070430: Added Slow Smoke mod (version 3). Mod by Scoochy (Data\Library\particles.dat).

Taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle français, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo español
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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 02:44:46 PM »
part 3 of 3 quote

Version 1.23
070501: Added base change advisories for boats based at Brisbane and fixed advisories for Manila and Surabaya. Also fixed

message priorities. This ensures that you get notified of which base you have to dock at when your current base closes and it

fixes the problem of being transferred to a base that doesn't use your sub (the "Your boat and you have been mothballed" bug).

Mod by Beery (Data\Campaigns\Campaign\messages.txt).
070501: Adjusted all "IDFlotillaLinkTransferTo" data. This streamlines the base transfer process, ensuring that when a base

closes you get transferred to a base that keeps your sub longest. Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\Flotillas.upc).
070501: Re-adjusted waves attenuation value to 0.03 - this removes the 'flying sub' bug and it doesn't seem to have the

'difficulty in surfacing' problem that the 0.01 value had. It also gives a good pitching and rolling motion to the sub. Mod by

Beery (Data\Cfg\Sim.cfg).
070501: Added Depth Charge Mod. This mod reduces depth charge effectiveness to realistic levels. Mod by Redwine

(Data\Library\DC_X_H.dat, DC_X_H.sim, DC_X_H.zon, DepthCharges.dat, DepthCharges.sim, DepthCharges.zon).
070502: Reduced effective range of AI AA gunners. Now the crew will need you to back them up when under air attack, although I

advise diving whenever possible. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\CrewAI.cfg).
070502: Adjusted aircraft damage model as per RUb. Aircraft are now much harder to shoot down - again I advise diving as duels

with aircraft are very risky in this mod, just as they were in real life. Mod by Beery (Data\Zones.cfg}.
070502: Added Silent Running and Battle Stations buttons to all menu bars. This is a UI addition which is an essential

improvement. Mod by Iceberg (Data\Menu\cfg\OrdersBar.cfg).
070502: Reduced deck gun shell damage. It's now almost impossible to sink large freighters with the deck gun. Mod by Beery using

Jimbob's shells tweak file and TimeTraveller's MiniTweak file (Data\Library\Shells.zon).
070502: Reduced chances of getting a radio report of units to 20% and reduced the frequency of elite level AI. Players will now

have to work those hydrophones instead of having contacts handed to them by the game. This change also effectively removes the

ability to greatly exceed historical tonnage scores. Mod by Beery (all random mission *.mis files in Data\Campaigns\Campaign).

Those who don't like this part of the mod can remove these files from the mod before installing it.
070502: Changed pre-war campaign start screen and added a new campaign start screen for 1945 careers. This is just a graphics

improvement that adds a bit more variation to the career start screens. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\Gui\Campaigns\;

070503: Added 13 more Japanese heavy cruisers, 13 more light cruisers, 8 more escort carriers and 5 more fleet carriers to the

roster folder and corrected dates for all Japanese BBs, CAs, CLs, CVEs and CVs. This adds more variation in terms of the victims

listed in your logbook, reducing the chances of sinking the same ship twice. Mod by Beery (Data\Roster\Japan\Sea\CAFurutaka.cfg,

CAMaya.cfg, CAMogami.cfg, CATakao.cfg, CLAgamo.cfg, CLKuma.cfg, CLNaka.cfg, CVEAkitsu.cfg, CVETaiyo.cfg, CVHiryu.cfg,

CVChitose.cfg, CVShokaku.cfg, CVTaiho.cfg).
070504: Corrected dates of service for all Gato & Balao Class submarines. This completes the update of the sub roster files -

now if you get assigned to a sub you can be sure it was in service on that date. Mod by Beery

(Data\Roster\American\Submarine\SSGato.cfg, SSBalao.cfg).
070506: Corrected dates of service for the game's torpedoes. Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCUnitsData\Ammunition.upc).
Version 1.24
070508: Removed waves attenuation adjustment and adjusted large wave coefficient value instead. Mod by Jace11 (Data\Cfg\Sim.cfg;

070509: Increased speed for S-class boats to 14.5kts surfaced, 11kts submerged. Mod by Shad43

(Data\Submarine\NSS_s18\NSS_S18.cfg, NSS_S18.sim; Data\Submarine\NSS_s42\NSS_S42.cfg).
070509: Adjusted the area of the Flying Dutchman's haunt to bring it in line with the legend. Hey, he's already in the campaign

so I may as well make him historically accurate too. Mod by Beery (Data\Campaigns\Campaign\Jap_HarborTraffic.mis).
070509: Added hull classification numbers to all boats. Mod by LukeFF (Data\Roster\American\Submarine\SSBalao.cfg, SSGar.cfg,

SSGato.cfg, SSPorpoise.cfg, SSS18.cfg, SSS42.cfg, SSSalmon.cfg, SSSargo.cfg, SSTambor.cfg).
070509: Changed a photo mission to Surabaya harbour so that it only takes place after Japanese forces get there. Mod by Jace11

(Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\PatrolObjectives.cfg ).
070510: Adjusted sampan damage model to make it more realistic with the new deck gun effectiveness. Mod by Beery

Version 1.25
070510: Adjusted fishing boat damage model to make it more realistic with the new deck gun effectiveness. Mod by Beery

070510: Adjusted ship mast damage model to make it more realistic with the new deck gun effectiveness. Mod by Beery

070510: Added darker bow wave and engine spray. Mod by CaptainCox (Data\Misc\
070511: Added Periscope depth hydrophone fix so that hydrophones work at periscope depth. Mod by Jungman

070511: Adjusted 40mm gun HE effectiveness to prevent the gun from being deadly against destroyer escorts. Mod by Beery

070513: Corrected Crush Depth indicator for all subs. Mod by Beery (Data\Submarine\NSS_Tambor\NSS_Tambor.cfg,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Sargo\NSS_Sargo.cfg, Data\Submarine\NSS_Salmon\NSS_Salmon.cfg, Data\Submarine\NSS_Porpoise\NSS_Porpoise.cfg,

Data\Submarine\NSS_Gato\NSS_Gato.cfg, Data\Submarine\NSS_Balao\NSS_Balao.cfg, Data\Submarine\NSS_s18\NSS_s18.cfg,

Data\Submarine\NSS_s42\NSS_s42.cfg, Data\Submarine\NSS_Gar\NSS_Gar.cfg).
070514: Checked all career video briefings to make sure they play at the right time. Two of them (the Solomon campaign ones)

were playing about 6 months early. Mod by Beery (Data\UPCData\UPCCampaignData\CareerVideoBriefings.upc\Flotillas.upc).
070515: Changed 'Credits' to 'Roll of Honor', added list of lost subs and added all RFB modmakers to the game credits. Mod by

Beery (Data\Menu\credits.txt; Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070516: Adjusted fishing boat and sampan lengths, widths and displacements. Mod by Beery (Data\Sea\JPFish01\JPFish01.cfg;

Data\Sea\JPFish02\JPFish02.cfg; Data\Sea\NSampan01\NSampan01.cfg; Data\Sea\NSampan02\NSampan02.cfg;

070517: Added darker bow and conning tower foam spray. Mod by CaptainCox (Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\
070517: Adjusted menu headings and fixed some poor English in the game. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070518: Added Smaller Seabed Rocks. Mod by CaptainCox (Data\Library\undersea.dat).
070518: Added Smaller Sea Plants (medium). Mod by CaptainCox (Data\Library\
070518: Added all new Submarine School missions. Mod by Beery (Data\SubmarineSchool\SS01 Navigation\SS01 Navigation.mis, SS01

Navigation.tga, SS01 Navigation.tsr; Data\SubmarineSchool\SS02 Artillery\SS02 Artillery.mis, SS02 Artillery.tsr;

Data\SubmarineSchool\SS03 Torpedo Attack\SS03 Torpedo Attack.mis, SS03 Torpedo Attack.tsr; Data\SubmarineSchool\SS04 Convoy

Attack\SS04 Convoy Attack.mis, SS04 Convoy Attack.tsr).
070518: Added Dud Torpedoes Hardcore mod. Mod by CCIP (Data\Library\Torpedoes_US.sim).
Version 1.26
070518: Adjusted more menu headings. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070518: Fixed a bug in one of the training missions. (Data\SubmarineSchool\SS03 Torpedo Attack\SS03 Torpedo Attack.mis).
Version 1.27
070518: Added Improved Status Indicators mod. Mod by DarkShip (Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\
070518: Added a keystroke combination ('Shift' plus keypad '-') for bringing time compress instantly to 1x. Mod by Beery

070519: Rewrote the crewmember names file with the 2500 most common US names (the standard game has only 750 and they're not

very representative of common US names). Mod by Beery with help from Jace11 (Data\UPCData\UPCCrewData\CrewMembersNames.upc).
070520: Added slow clouds mod. Mod by SeeAdler (Data\Shaders\Clouds\CloudsVS.fx).
070520: Added radar fix. Mod by Redwine and everyone at

070521: Added weather report to bridge station toolbar and removed Ctrl+W keystroke. Weather reports are now only available when

the sub is surfaced. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg; Data\Menu\cfg\OrdersBar.cfg; Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\;

070522: Removed command and toolbar button that allowed the player to deploy decoys. Decoys were never used in US subs in WWII

and stories of oil, garbage and dead bodies being jettisoned from torpedo tubes to fool Japanese destroyers are (as far as we

know) fictitious. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg; Data\Menu\cfg\OrdersBar.cfg).
070522: Added 'Follow nearest warship sound contact' and 'Report nearest warship sound contact' buttons to hydrophone station

toolbar. Note: there is a bug in the standard game that makes the follow commands impossible to switch off, so use these with

that in mind. Mod by Beery based on Iceberg's 'Battle Stations and Silent Running' mod (Data\Menu\cfg\OrdersBar.cfg;

Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\; Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070522: Rearranged the whole toolbar setup. Added an Observation Periscope station and added many more functions to the

toolbars. Toolbars are all set up so that the emergency buttons are near the centre of the screen for fast access while routine

buttons are at the screen edge. Mod by Beery based on Iceberg's 'Battle Stations and Silent Running' mod

(Data\Menu\cfg\OrdersBar.cfg; Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\; Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070523: Fixed a bug with the radar station taskbar buttons.
Version 1.28
070523: Added BetterScopes mod. Mod by l3th4l based on a mod by CaptainCox and on an idea for reducing brightness by Kataki

(Data\Menu\Gui\Layout\,bett; Data\Menu\Gui\;

070524: Added Mav's Camera mod v.2. Mod by Mav87th (Data\Library\Cameras.dat; Data\scene.dat).
070525: Added ability to open and close torpedo tube doors manually. Removed automatic closing of tube doors. Mod by Fearless

based on CCIP's and/or Ducimus's originals (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg).
070525: Added message for closing torpedo doors. Mod by Beery (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg; Data\Menu\menu.txt).
070525: Added new controls to in-game help screen. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\help.txt).
070525: Reduced the number of boats available for career starts to suit historical availability. Mod by Beery

070530: Adjusted aircraft bomb loadouts and ranges. Mod by Tater (all *.cfg and *.eqp files in the aircraft folders in

070603: Reduced incidence of SH4's torpedo gyro angle bug (the one where all of your sub's torpedoes veer off by 20 degrees to

port) back to standard SH4 levels. Fix by Jace11 (Data\Library\Torpedoes_US.sim).
070603: Adjusted Realistic Crew Configs mod to suit new data. Mod by LukeFF (same files as RFB version 1.21).
Version 1.31
070619: Adjusted deck gun rates of fire based partially on new info from sub logbooks (including those of USS Nautilus and USS

Wahoo). Mod by Beery (Data\Library\USSubParts\Deck_Gun_3_50.sim, Deck_Gun_4_50.sim, Deck_Gun_5_25.sim).
070619: Added corrected flags for ensigns and ship recognition book. Mod by Beery (Data\Menu\Gui\RecManual\,,,,,,,,,,,;

070625: Added back the ability to deploy decoys and removed 'maintain depth' command (Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg;

070727: Removed Sensors_sub_US.sim file from mod because of fundamental sensors change in SH4 v1.3

070727: Removed Mav's Camera mod (items in Cameras.dat and scene.dat files) due to changes in lenses in SH4 v1.3

(Data\Library\Cameras.dat; Data\scene.dat).
070727: Removed clock mod due to changes made to the clock in SH4 v1.3 (Data\Menu\Gui\, Data\Menu\menu_1024_768.ini).

Changes to various sim, dat and zon files were made possible by TimeTraveller's minitweaker & tweak files by U-Bones, NVdrifter

and Jimbob.
Patch Notes:

Realism: this is the watch-word of this mod. The realistic features of this mod are not for everyone, so if you're finding the

mod frustrating, simply uninstall it. This mod is intended to be used with FULL realism settings (except for outside camera

views and map contact updates) but it will work with any realism settings.

Contributors to RFB include: 9th Flotilla, Ailantd, Beery, Buteobuteo, CaptainCox, Carotio, Castorp345, CCIP, Cdrake66, Chomu,

conus00, DarkShip, Ducimus, Egan, Fearless, FullMetalEdges, Galanti, GouldJG, GunMod, Hildofr, Iceberg, Jace11, JimBob,

JimiMadrid, John W. Hamm, Jungman, Kataki, l3th4l, LukeFF, Mav87th, NVDrifter, Observer, Redwine, Schlageter-JG26, Scoochy,

SeeAdler, Shad43, Tater, Timetraveller, U-Bones, Xantrokoles
Also, thanks to the communities at and at the official Silent Hunter forums. All the ideas for RFB comes through

discussions on these forums and I regard all forum participants as members of the SH4 Mod Team.
The mods, fixes and alterations contained in this compilation (the various files and folders contained in the compressed RFB 7z

file) are owned by their individual authors. This compilation is freeware and may not be distributed in whole or in part on

CD-ROM, disk, or other physical media for a fee without the permission of the individual authors.
The Real Fleet Boat mod is © Copyright 2007, various authors. You must treat the Software like any other copyrighted material.
Thanks for everyone's encouragement and support.

The RFB team is an open group and our work is open to anyone. Although we have a separate forum for development and testing, it

is not a private forum, so you can drop in and see what's going on or contribute. The forum is open to other developers that

need a place to exchange ideas too.

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Before you write me a pm, ask yourself, if it ain't better to write it in the forum. It usually is.

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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2009, 05:43:04 AM »
Does anyone know what the rules are for becomming a host for RFB? Can you just do it or do you need the OK? I've been trying to contact them and not getting a response.

(on a side I going to hafta constantly fill out all that crap every time I want to post..the captcha letters numbers ect?)

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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2009, 10:43:03 AM »
Rules? Well, being a friend of the maker and helpful as in providing parts of the mod won't do any harm. But why another host? You can get it from here...  sm09

Your second question - did you read my FAQ thread first? *ahem* oldie1

So just settle down here, and make a few posts now and then.

Taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle français, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo español
Before you write me a pm, ask yourself, if it ain't better to write it in the forum. It usually is.

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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2009, 11:45:10 AM »
Well, I've been tossing out the idea to gammingfiles for a while and now that the founders have it back under their control and most of the bugs fixed they decided to serivce more games and gave me control of a dedicated gaming site for silent hunter 4. RFB is basicly the last of the big mods besides tmo 1.8 which is still in beta so he's not letting that one go for now. Basicly, trying to get mods in a centralised location rather than all over the place in threads. TMO for instance has 3 different install orders in 3 threads which are outdated and contain the wrong info and dead links to patches that are obsolete. Atleast one is obtained via forum sticky. Having been an admin on a similar site for a startrek game since 2002 I know what these sites can do for their respective communities. It's a major bonus to have one for SH4, if I can just convince everyone to start using it. newbielink: [nonactive]

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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2009, 12:05:30 PM »
Well, I'm not the main guy behind RFB, I just provided the Truk Atoll mod for it. I however got the "go for it" to host it here in SHMF. And the reason for it? Well, I don't KNOW it, but AFAIR it was something about my dedication to the ENTIRE Silent Hunter franchise, not only SH3 or SH4, but both, plus the upcoming SH5.

The former sticky threads at subsim got unstickied, and then got a link inside one sticky, so the threads for most mods can be found. Otherwise all forums have a search function too.
SHMF is also collecting the SH4 mods in a slow but steady speed. The major mods are here, FOTRS is hosted, I just wait for MadMax to sign up. Ducimus don't visit often, he has another forum, where he resides mostly. Lurker the same for OM and RSRDC. Luke has just made a visit, and he knows RFB is here. Webster has his GFO mod here too. And then some smaller SH4 mods are here too. And then I haven't even mentioned the SH3 mods yet.
But SHMF faces the same problem: the modders are not that keen to secure their mods anymore. They publish it through their own filefront page, and then after a while it may be lost because they don't respond to filefront's mails about deletion. This is one of the reasons why I expanded my site to host more than just my own mods. But what can one do, if the modders don't want to make their mods hosted themselves, besides asking them if it's okay to secure them for them?

Taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle français, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo español
Before you write me a pm, ask yourself, if it ain't better to write it in the forum. It usually is.

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Re: [REL] RFB 1.52
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2011, 04:50:46 PM »
This is obsolete, and thus I'm closing the thread and deleting the files of old links.

Taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle français, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo español
Before you write me a pm, ask yourself, if it ain't better to write it in the forum. It usually is.