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Open Horizons II By Trevally and Zedi

This mod is developed by Zedi and Trevally with the kind help and contribution of many friends around Subsim
TheDarkWraith, Reaper07, SteelViking, Uekel, Rongel, Stormfly, AOTDMadMax, stoianm, Obelix, TheDivingDuck, Gap.
There are many contributor to this mod, if I left out anyone is not intentional and I apologize in advance for this.
Also many thanks to Ruby2000 and Ustahl for testing the mod while under
development, they helped a lot in tracking down problems and have them fixed.

New Updates 07/08/11

Added new terrain for Kiel harbour by Sober
Added more and better flags by Rongel

New Updates 17/8/11

Merged terrain add-on by sober and thfeu58 into full and base
fixed MN campaign
fixed Coastal Waters campaign (missing map id)
added buoy fix by sober to full and base (buoys will not show through objects)
added ship .DDS fix by sober to full and base

update OH II v1.2
Added rongel fix for flag.dat
Fixed errors in defside.cfg
Added flag.dat fix by TDW
Fixed coastal waters - points and brief
Changed Mines and sub nets so they can not be heard by hydro
Fixed errors in roster
add campaign image to main menu

Update OH II base v1.2.1
Fixed roster where it caused errors in ME2

Update 05/09/11 v1.3
re-worked scapa for better fps
fixed subnets in scapa flow (thanks again TDW) Edit: When game first load the subnets will start with a few meter sticking out of the water. This will last only a few moment and the will sink to the correct level where only the floats will be seen on the surface.
Rongels frozen flag fix
fixed silent (hydro) coastal ships - (type from 104 to 108)
made fishing boats and tugs silents in hydro and no hydro line on map - (type from 108 to 104)

OH II v1.4
Fixed missing engine sound - Thanks Stormfly for the fix
Fixed museum ctd due to zombie ships - Thanks Rongel
Added Rongels new Coastal Boat within Fishing layer and playerbases
Fixed Western Approaches campaign points.
Fixed coastal Waters to give more time at start of Operation Weserubung
Fixed issue where most side missions were partol x. Now we have intercept, spy, recon, commando and supply.
Added Rongels Fix to ship kasagisan where graphics and lighting are improved - also its flag is unfrozen.
Added Rongels fix for his coastal boat where damage will now be shown.

The mod is compatible with TDW UI, install last.
The Imported Ships pack mod need to be removed first,
this mod have the latest fixes for the new imported ships.

Update 15/11/11 v1.5
OHII v1.5
Fixed errors in mission CFG (click click)
Added Uekel fix to frozen flags
Changed scapa mission start date and fixed BB game entry date
Added map marker to HappyTimes SS mission
Fixed errors in base where TDWs validator would show errors for PTElco and Mine_Chain
Added Rongel fix - graphical update that fixes graphical bugs, All ships now use 1024 x 1024 textures,
black textured ghost ship, a crash in museum with one Z-ship and few other small tweaks.
Fixed Rommel supplies and OP in campiagn Battle of Med
Added cerberus wonderful ship mod - Thanks Cerberus
Added the OHII campaign radio messages
Fixed Arctic convoy campaign victory conditions
Fixed Op Drumbeat Blitz mission
Fixed The Final Year objectives
Fixed airbase layer in the Med campaigns
Fixed campaign Battle of Med where there was a chance that convoys/traffic would get stuck and backlog - resulting in new ships spawning but none leaving (causes ctd after time (100+ ships))
Added Rongels new ship fixes - mostly dealing with ships draft values, removed the occasional bug where ships are half submerged in harbours.
There is also included TDW's shader that gives caustics to both sides of the imported ships.
Fixed Scapa Flow in the Coastal Waters campaign - removed spawn nodes and added direct spawn ships by date.
Adjusted spawn area and fixed paths for DDs to match.
Added new option for higher tonnage objectives in each campaign

Update 26/12/11
OHII v1.6
Fixed end dates for campaign AC
Fixed end dates for campaign DW
Added armed merchants to kill count in Coastal Waters for missions where war ships are counted
Fixed airlayer for the black pit and distant waters
Added Uekels improved buoys
Fixed bug where large icebergs were running aground in shallow water
Fixed flotilla dates for Mare Nostrum
Fixed rommels supplies in battle of the med - where there were no attacks on the convoys you must protect.
Re-worded objectives for Operation Weserubung to make them clearer.
Added new ships (base and full) to Germany - clones GR2 type
Added new planes (full and ships) to USA and Germany - .dat type.
Big thanks to TheBeast and AOTD_MadMax who Modified/Imported to SH5 from SH4.

Update 11/02/12
OHII v1.7
Fixed traffic layer for happytimes, Arctic Convoys and Black May (base only)
Added Baltic Operation to Coastal Waters
Changed dates for objective in the black pit - TotWP=Sept42 to Dec(mid)42 - BS start moved to Dec42
Increased tonnage for obj TotWP to 110,000t
Added Wolfpacks to TheBlackPit TotWP - 3 sets of missions (see wolfpack attacks in the notes below)
Updated Radio messages for updates to black pit
Adjusted mines and nets and added more DDs to Scapa in CoastalWaters
Fixed ships running into piers in Brest (theblackpit only)
Added Uekel's historical buoys - thanks again Uekel for all your help

Update 26/03/12
OHII v1.8
Fixed error in messages for patrol12 in TotWP
Removed spawning in Scapa during Raid mission
Attached DDs to BB group for scapa raid
Adjusted text for Baltic Operation in CoastalWaters
Fixes speed nodes in common layer for MN, DW, WA
Fixed ship hitting pier (Kiel) in playerbases MN, DW, WA
Set U-boat to campaigns when using silentotto and campaign progress
CW - typeA
HT - typeB (if enough kills in type A)
MN & WA - typeC
TP - typeC41
Set Flotilla to start in Kiel for 1 day before switching to Med (16/3/41) MN
Fixed date for flotilla switch in DW to leave Toulon 16/9/42
Changed start date of BS GSR WS in WesternApproaches to 20/3/41 but only after passing the Training mission prior to getting type C
Added new objective to WA - 20/3/41 to 28/3/41 - Training Drills - 1 point
Added KSCSN3SA1 to Venezuela roster (this make MO and OHII work together without class errors
Set flotilla stitch to Kiel in TurningPoint (switch back after getting new boat) and added Training Mission prior to getting C/41
Stopped uboat (for re-supply) from moving during theblackpit TotWP mission10.
Also made supply an objective of the style "drop of supplies" and made AI U-boats start from further away and more staggered arrival when attack starts.
Added tankers to South America Supplies in DistantWaters campaign
Fixed all missions in DistantWaters where they were very very wrong
Fixed playerbases.mis for OHII base in campaigns CW and TBP
Added Rongels lights to HOSP ships - thanks Rongel
Added Rongels fix to NMFMPC_Z full and ships only

Update 20/05/12
OHII v1.9
Added new campaign Monsun Gruppe
Credit to:-
AOTD_MadMax New plane Catalina
HanSolo New smoke for imported ships
Whole Japanese Navy and airforce
New Piers
New Fishing Ports
New Villages
New Churches
and a whole lot of help
Gap - For keeping me within historical reality

Update 10/06/12
Fixed missing map markers in campaign Monsun Gruppe
Added Uekel's fixes for his Japanese navy and airforce units

JSGME ready.

Important notes.
Those who want to skip the tutorial when starting a new career
Go to Documents\SH5\data\cfg\CareerHistory.cfg
and edit the file with Notepad. Change the following line:


If for any reason after accepting a mission in the bunker and ask permission to leave dock
you find yourself teleported on sub without having a loading screen,
make sure you end patrol/doc and accept the mission again.
Its very important to have a loading screen when leaving the bunker
or the game will fail to load properly the game layer and weird stuff can happen, including crash.

Campaign Progress
Within each campiagn (i.e. coastal Waters) there are main objectives to achieve. These will be things like "sink 50,000 tonnes of coastal shipping". As you achieve this tonnage a progress bar will fill so you can keep track of your progress. When the bar is full, you have achieved the objective and will be awarded crosses to fill your campaign bar.
Most of these objectives a time/date related and if you fail to fill the progress bar within that time - you will fail the objective.

Failing the objective will not stop your campaign. You may have some blocked objectives or even blocked campaigns as a result, but your career will continue.

If you finish an objective within the time frame given - you may not get a new one untill a later date. When this happens, you should go out and patrol anywhere you like, hunting any ship you like. this is a good time to test your skills by trying some harbour raids etc.
When the time comes for a new objective, you will be sent a radio message informing you that new objectives are ready. You do not need to return to port and select it. You can just go and start the new objective from where you are. You do not need to select an objective from the main briefing map (except Triumph of the Wolfpack and the Training Drills for WA and TP).

When you do select an objective from the main briefing map, you will also be given a secondary mission. This will be thing like "Drop of supplies at area X" see here for an example When you achieve these secondary missions, you will be rewarded with extra renown points that you can use to upgrade your u-boat. If you do not do these secondary missions - there is no penalty.

Campaign Objective - Triumph of the Wolfpack (TotWP)
With version 1.7 and higher, I have added a new type of campaign objective. Now when you play Triumph of the Wolfpack, you will get to take part in actual wolfpacks. This is done using the secondary missions that you get when you request mission in the briefing map as normal. Now for most objectives, this does not matter if you pick these missions or not. With TotWP, they are required.
So to play this campaign objective, click the request button and you will get an orange marker on your map. You then go on patrol as normal - but his time you must sail to these markers. If you meet a convoy while you are heading there and decide to attack it, you should think about re-arming before going to these marker.
If you do dicide to re-arm - goto a near by base and select "refit". If you went back to the bunker do not select end patrol. If you do then you will need to go back to the briefing map and select a new mission. I have only made three of these missions so far and each time you return to port, it uses one up even if you did not go there.

So - when you arrive at the markers a message will be sent to you. These messages can be sent to you by the stock game and so can be read in the captian log button. You can also get them sent by TDWs radio mod. These can be read the normal way and will have a red background (sometimes you may not get one, but will get the other - looking into why this happens). Both these message types will drop your TC to preset number and play a sound. Pay close attention to these messages as you will be told to go to map areas etc. The next stage, when this happens is triggered by you doing the task as in the message. So if you do not check the messages you get - you will not be able to continue the wolfpack attack and be recorded in history as the u-boat that did not show. At some point a message will be sent ordering you and the other boat in the wolfpack to attack. This is always the last order you will be given and you should act on your own data from then on.

Sink em all

Campaign Monsun Gruppe
This campaign was added in version 1.9 and adds the Indian Ocean. Many new harbours, nations and shipping had to be added. Anyone looking to edit this campaign - the files are not common with other campaigns, so must not be shared.
As the campaign is based on the Monsun Boats, I have tried to follow this as much as I could but there are some limitations with the game as it is now.

IX Type boats.
Due to the large distances to get to the Indian Ocean - the IX type boat was used due to its greater range and load out. This type of boat is not in the game yet and if it ever does make it, I will add it then. But for now we are stuck with the type VIIC41.

Refueling and spares was one of the biggest challenges that the boat faced (other than air attacks) and OHII tries to add this. Resupply tankers are used in most objectives in the campaign, but a game limitation restricks you to one refuel only (I had always wanted to use two) per patrol (leaving and returning to dock).
EDIT: Resupply is now fixed by TDW - Use his patcher to fix this bug

========GENERAL INFO====================================

Mod status: Full Version

Mines, nets, icebergs, dolphins, buoys, whales. *
Improved port defense in enemy harbor, Scapa Flow will get special attention.
New (imported) ships. ** + Cerberus ship mods
Reworked (and new) missions
- All missions requiring to hunt escorts and capital ships are modified or removed.
A lot of important convoys will be added into the campaigns at their exact historical date.
SH5 campaign extended up to 1945.
New campaign covering the 43-44 timeframe.
Reworked port traffic with buoys.
Improved convoy traffic with ships from all nations, neutral ships.
Better wolfpacks
More varied secondary missions
New terrain around Kiel and the canal ***
Campaign radio messages (requires TDWs Ui or his Radio mod)
New planes ****
New Campaign "Monsun Gruppe"
Japanese Ships, Villages, Planes, Church and Fishing Village#
Over 30 new ports and 2 new U-boat bases
* Imported by TDW. Buoys made by TheDivingDuck for SH3 ** List of contributors here and here
*** Credit to Sober and Thfeu58 for permission to use their terrain work.
**** Thanks to TheBeast and AOTD_MadMax who Modified/Imported to SH5 from SH4.
* All new Japanes Ships (16 new), planes (3), Villages etc by Uekel

Mod Download Up-Dated 21st May 2013

Open Horizons II Full Version 2.2   download1

Open Horizons II - light version v3.7   download1

Addon Mods (within main download)- install after OHII mod parts and allow overwrite
Higher tonnage requirments in each campaign.
"TDW_Mines_Subnets_Detectable_in_hydro" - your sound man will hear the mines and nets.
Speed and traffic fix

Light version contains only fixed campaign objectives and the new campaigns.
And is intended for those who might find it hard to play the main mod
because of the fps loss caused by the new units and traffic.

Great dedication By this team to bring a full war scenario to SH5
and also including many other improvements
Thank You to one and all.
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