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Happy birthday SeaWolf U57

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I'm not going to be online tomorrow for your birthday, so posting allready now.
I hope the day will be nice, and that you won't be buried too much in snow...  snowman

so happy birthday

Phoenix 1957:
Thanks but I like the snow so bring it on
a white birthday and Christmas would be good    snowman snowman

Minnie Mouse:
Happy birthday steve. Glad you have had a good day.
Something you wanted and a good tea.


--- Quote from: Minnie Mouse on December 19, 2010, 07:57:59 PM ---Something you wanted and a good tea.
--- End quote ---

Yes, why not. Tea is just so British. haha  sm08
So what kind of tea?
If you haven't tried Chai tea yet, you should. Then add just one tea spoon of sugar and some whipped cream. That's just so yummy....  dangeek

Phoenix 1957:
 rofl "tea" also means evening Dinner/Meal time
I had a nice Chinese Chicken curry with special fried rice.
and for my present A Zotac GeForce GTS450 over clocked Graphics card    j12


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