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SubSim problem

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Phoenix 1957:
Well looks like I was right.

Hope it's all sorted, but if not...

Well, obviously several people using different combinations of browsers and security software reports it, then there must be a general problem somewhere. I have just not seen it. I'm using FireFox with no-script most of the time plus using Comodo IS but without the anti-virus, for the av I use AVG. On both desktop and laptop.

Phoenix 1957:
I would still advise caution when viewing the Subsim forum
As this nasty little bugger is still around as I found out today Monday 4 October 2010

Phoenix 1957:
Looks like Neal is getting touchy about this Trojan thing
Now he is trying to make out we don’t know what we are talking about
Is this a case of head in the sand


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