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SubSim problem

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There was a thread started by Castout on SUBSIM about this yesterday, and a few people added to it - Neal wanted to know times, etc., and he'd found several times that the max number of connections to the server had been reached, I'm hoping that this is all part of some maintenance and nothing more - although if it was maintenance then being informed would have been handy.  I had the same errors for a short period last Friday, but had broadband issues preceeding it so didn't think much of it at the time.

Phoenix 1957:
all becomes clear  kaffee

Phoenix 1957:
Cant seem to access Subsim at this time  scrtg

Phoenix 1957:
Ok after last time I know I am going to regret this
but for those who might like to believe me when
I log into Subsim today my firewall came under attack
but once again my cheap crappy virus software (Nod 32)
stopped the attack in its tracks.
here is a pic of the attack

please take care at this time

Phoenix 1957:
take a look here  mtzi


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