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SubSim problem

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Phoenix 1957:
Today when I log into SubSim I was told I needed to install Java ok never had that before.  scrtg
And then the next time I went to log in My nod 32 antivirus software went crazy and warned me that this site was trying to send Trojans to my computer
What gives  mtzi

Phoenix 1957:
I Found this in my quarantine folder of Nod32it was never allowed to install

29/09/2010 ….… java/TrojanDownloader.agent.NBU trojan
 29/09/2010 … drerlre ….. A variant of java/Mugade

(I removed the http:// to stop them being active links)

I connected using my Firefox browser  realno


I have no problems. I logged in early today and just now. I don't see any of that...

Phoenix 1957:
Hhmmm Ok but I just un-installed Firefox and ran some hitman software that found nothing but would not un-install again.
So Restored my machine to before today’s java up data check all was ok then started up IE 64bit version check around the sites I used no problems so far.
But opened the SubSim forum and you guessed it these pages use a version of java to view them NFW am I doing that again the pages load ok without it   mtzi

Just posted this on Subsim

Phoenix 1957:
I hit the red cross on the up-date and left the forum and just returned but the message did not re-appear  scrtg


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