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Nvidia Graphics Driver Update


Phoenix 1957:
Windows just offered me an optional update from Nvidia for my graphics card which I installed.
I have some Spintop games on my machine that I was playing instead today so I only just attempted to play SH3 tonight but something strange when I clicked the SH3 shortcut nothing happened I tried again still nothing.
Ah I thought that dam driver so I rolled back the driver to my graphics card and guess what up popped SH3 as soon as I clicked on the shortcut.
just to make sure I re-installed the new driver and sure enough no SH3 how strange is this.
So if you find SH3 no longer works on your machine check to see if you have the new driver on it  scrtg

Its nothing to do with the res of the screen
the whole game will not start to load nothing at all when the shortcut is clicked
on the desk top or the game folder itself.

New Version driver from Nvidia Dated 11/01/2001 version   thbsdwn

my old version that works Dated 27/09/2009 version   clap1

SeaWolf, I've been using Driver Genius since my new computer build and have found that updating your computer's drivers and the GFX driver is so simple now. Especially seeing that you no longer have to uninstall your old GFX drivers. Driver Genius  backup, restore, uninstall, and update your drivers for you. For 29.95 it's not a bad deal.   After messing up my old computer a few times installing some drivers, this has saved me from a mess.

newbielink: [nonactive]

Phoenix 1957:
this is quite an old post now its seems the problem has passed with the drivers but its always good to know about other programs thanks  thup1


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