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Phoenix 1957:
How to create a changing/rotating desktop in Windows 7
You maybe wanting to display all the SH5 screenshots you have collected as a changing desktop display.
If you are using Windows 7 no other programs are needed to do this and I will try to explain how to do it step by step.

Firstly you may have seen the SH5 desktop pictures shown on SubSim if not here is the link ......

just left click the picture or pictures you want from there and then right click them and save the in your pictures folder on your Harddrive (It would be a good idea to create a separate folder and maybe call it desktop SH5 theme you can also add any previous pictures you have to the folder).

Step2 Ok so now all the pictures you want to display are now in the desktop theme folder so now we can use them. So now go to a clear area on the desk top and right click it and choose the option personalize and the main desktop screen should open as shown below.

Now click the Desktop background shortcut at the bottom of the screen as shown by the Yellow Star and a new screen will open. At the top of the page you will see the picture location showing the current folder and at the end of the location display is the browse tap click this and select your Desktop SH5 theme folder in your pictures.
once you have done this you should now see all the pictures you have placed in the folder shown in the picture display at the centre on the screen.

Make sure that all the pictures you want to display have a tick in there small box once they have you can then set the amount of time you wish the picture to be displayed before it changes and also if you wish the pictures to be shown in a Shuffled/Randomized  order using the box and tab shown below

Once you are happy with all your selections click the save changes tab at the bottom of the screen.  you will now see your new theme showing in my themes section on the last screen you can right click the theme and save it with any name you wish encase you wish to create another theme

Hope this helps you out    chatten

Sweet...thanks for this info!



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