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It's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For a long time, I have yearned to see some real heavy snow weather again. And it's still snowing outside. We have about 10-15 cm of snow right now, here in Odense. I hope there will be some in Copenhagen too, to calm down all the heavy decisions they have to make at the COP15.

Here's a shot of my bike before I had to leave today, and here's another from the forest I had to pass.
The photos have been made with my mobile phone. I have to get out and make some real photos with my DSLR camera later today...

JUST BEAUTIFULL  dangeek dangeek dangeek

Phoenix 1957:
We have had a light dusting all morning
here in north Hampshire   thup1

Minnie Mouse:
Very nice pic of the trees. I hope we get some like that. not had much yet but it would be really nice.

Exactly, it's very beautiful, the snow. I really like it, that is in the winter time...
I have just been out for a couple of hours to make some photos, and I'll go out again tomorrow in the daylight to get some there too. Will try and post some of the photos later.
If any of you get snow in your area, feel free to post some photos too.

The top 10 of tonight, I hope you like them.


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