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It has been 3 months since the forum had to move from its previous location at to this subdomain.
In that time, SHMF has had two new members and practically no new posts. There are some visitors though, but how many of them are just spam bots, I wonder...  scrtg

For sure, I'm glad that I did not pull out my wallet and paid for another 3 years of domain hosting. That would have been a sure waste of money.  dead1

I haven't got around to find the time to upload my mods to mediafire and link them here as I had indicated that I would. But it doesn't seem to be that much of a great loss to the community anyway.  kaffee
I only visit subsim in rare occasions, and well, it seems that a few of the members post some silent hunter posts at the subsim facebook page instead...  WTFu214

And we all know that we probably will never see an improved version of an Atlantic theater, not only in graphics but also in gameplay. The ubisoft managers surely fucked up, when they didn't invest enough money in a full-war and all uboat types version of the game, instead of this Das Boot game.

So, that's how things are in 2015. The sub simulation game is at hold, and we can as might as well just sit back and wait untill someone else will do the work properly. I predict, it will last a while, so just sit back...  relaxxx


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