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Phoenix 1957:
Wow only one letter out on those bricks  rofl
Great pictures thanks for sharing them. I have a feeling Minnie Mouse will be back
here to post some pictures of her Granddaughter now.  :-\

( Carotio had the idea to start a thread like this on another site but it was removed and then restarted by someone else)  mtzi

Edit ..... I would post a picture of me on here but I'm sick of having to pay to repair peoples monitors  computerbad


--- Quote from: Herr-Berbunch on February 18, 2011, 05:23:31 PM ---I'm sure we've done this somewhere before?
--- End quote ---

Yeah, in other forums. But thanks for joining the thread with photos.
Espeically, I like the first photo. Did you spell the bricks or was it just a gigantic coincidence that your daughter put them up like this? haha  sm08
Scandinavian company... hmmm... makes sence. Grimsby is in the old Danelagen area, no? You know "by" means town or city in Danish. What's it called your company, if I may ask?

The bricks were all my idea  yes1

Bring, formally Nor-Cargo

My old school is called Havelock, after the Dane who rescued Grim and formed the settlement.  Small world.

@Seawolf U-57 - I can't believe Minnie has a grandchild, only 39!!!!  Look forward to the pics (if they appear).

Minnie Mouse:
Hello Herr-berbunch,
Thanks for sharing your pictures of your daughter.
Here is a small selection of pictures of my children and granddaughter.

My 4 children and my very precious granddaughter Megan.

My 2 youngest with Megan.

Megan in the garden.

Megan in Bandana.

Megan Chillin.

Nice one Minnie - Granddaughter's a real cutie, bet you're wrapped around her little finger!  yes1

The rest of the family look good too  2thup


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