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My real name is Matt, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I've moved all over the United States due to family troubles, and I've lived in Alaska, Ohio, and Florida before finally ending up here in Corinth, Mississippi. I'm 27 years old, and live with my disabled Mom to help her out with things (she and I are very close, as we're pretty much the only family the other has left (all the rest we don't care to claim)). I'm engaged to an incredible woman, and our wedding date is set (tentatively) for October 25, 2012.

I'm heavily into the WWII Imperial Japanese Navy and am also a pretty big fan of the Kriegsmarine. I like listening to pretty much all kinds of music (even opera), I have a varied taste in movies (although my all-time favorite is the Civil War epic Gettysburg), and I'm also a fan of the WWE (yes, I'm a John Cena fan; hate me if you want, but I'm also a huge fan of The's hoping The Streak continues indefinitely!).

I'm also a writer; I've written several novels (only one of which is thus far complete), various fanfics, and countless songs and poems. Outside of the computer and television, I love to read, cook, and build model ships (although I haven't done the last one in years), and I also find yard work to be quite relaxing (gotta love the smell of fresh-cut grass).

If you wanna know anything else, just send me a PM or IM me on one of the three chat handles listed in my profile; I'll be glad to chat with anyone pretty much. I'm also on FaceBook; the link is in my profile.

Best to all,



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