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That's to do with the LSH3 servers cut off time if your connection is too slow
it will stop the download after about 1hour.

The problem isn't my connection speed but the website's speed. As I write this post I am downloading a game from gamersgate at over 2mb/sec but when I download a file from the mod's website the fluctuating speed never gets faster than ~30-50kb/sec. If the server cuts off at an hour than I'll obviously never be able to finish. What speed did other people get?

PS my account definitely doesn't have a size limit.

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Did you read the PDF file? About download and installation?
It (strongly) suggests that anyone download max TWO files at the same time, better with one.
And only strong connections try to download the big file. Slower connections - then better with the divided archive.

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just tried it and I get a little bit faster than that (see picture)   scrtg