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  • August 19, 2018, 10:08:01 PM
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SHMF has been alive for almost 6 years thanks to a few dedicated members.
However, most visitors were ungrateful and did not appreciate the reliable hosting of mods for our SH games.
Hence, the domain: has been abandonned, and the forum itself has been saved on another subdomain in order to save some valuable posts. However, the mods...  well, there ain't room for them on the server, so the download links don't work anymore for most of them, unless the mods will be put up elsewhere by the modders themselves...
Personally, my own mods will be stored at mediafire, asap...


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Author Topic: Tauchvorschrift für Unterseeboote / Diving Guide for U-Boats  (Read 1154 times)


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  • "Soldaten sterben nie, sie verblassen nur weg".

Some few years ago I bought a copy of "Tauchvorschrift für Unterseeboote".
I can guarantee a VERY interesting reading, and the guide consist of 12 chapters.
No downloads added to this post, but it can be shared if someone asks for it.

1) Allgemeine Bestimmungen - General rules
2) Seeklarmachen - Make ready for sea
3) Klarmachen zum Tauchen - Make ready for diving
4) Dichtigkeitsprobe - tightness test
5) Trimmerversuch - Trimmers attempt
6) Prüfungstauchen - Test dive
7) Alarmtauchen - Crash dive
8) Tauchfahrt - diving
9) Auftauchen - surfacing
10) Auf Grund legen, vom Grund lösen - Lay aground, off aground
11) Verhalten in schwierigen Lagen - Behaviour in difficult situations
12) Tauchkommandos - Diving commands

+ Anhang: Anleitung für die Ausführung der Druckdockversuche - "Instructions for carrying out pressure dock attempts".

PS! be aware that some of my translation into english isnt' quite  ;D

U-Boote Heraus!!

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