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SHMF has been alive for almost 6 years thanks to a few dedicated members.
However, most visitors were ungrateful and did not appreciate the reliable hosting of mods for our SH games.
Hence, the domain: has been abandonned, and the forum itself has been saved on another subdomain in order to save some valuable posts. However, the mods...  well, there ain't room for them on the server, so the download links don't work anymore for most of them, unless the mods will be put up elsewhere by the modders themselves...
Personally, my own mods will be stored at mediafire, asap...


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Author Topic: MODDING ETIQUETTE  (Read 2363 times)


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« on: February 10, 2009, 05:00:06 PM »

This is the recommended modding etiquette for SHMF, and the guideline for use of mods is to be respected, but will probably be ignored... nonono

It is up to any of the individual modders having their mods hosted here to:
1) Accept it as it is (as explained below, you really should)
2) Increase your own demands, which is your right. In that case, any user should read the release posts for exact guidelines, when it comes to copyright. stareys


1) No such thing. Ubisoft owns the games. Period.
2) If you create a mod and release it for free publically on the internet, then the mod will be "out there" and out of your reign forever, so expect other modders to manipulate it, violate it, rape it and throw it out after a violent examination in another form. If you cannot deal with that, then keep your work to yourself.
3) Ideas will emerge independantly across the world, sometimes at the same time, thus you cannot copyright an idea. Deal with it.

However if you do use files from a mod creation or use the ideas or inputs from other forum members, then you are encouraged to give proper credit as follows:
1) Give credit to any modder whose work you include or rework in your own mod.
2) As a nice gesture, crediting any forum member, who post information or ideas, but don't use any of this themselves for mods on their own, is encouraged to do.
3) You should make a documentation folder next to the data folder, in which you include any READMEs of the mods or other files such as images, you chose to include in your own work.

In order for any future rework of your mod, so that you can be properly creditted for your work, you should write a README (txt, doc or pdf), in which you include:
1) Your (alias) name
2) A valid contact mail address
3) Eventually a forum or website where you also can be reached.
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