Author Topic: Hi everyone and my purpose of being here  (Read 643 times)

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Hi everyone and my purpose of being here
« on: November 14, 2014, 05:13:23 AM »
I was looking for SH4 skin pack and then I found this forum.  It is great pleasure to greet all of you and I am restoring my Silent Hunter 4 + U-Boat expansion pack in my Window 7.  I am catching up with everything in Sh4 modding world.  I have been away from SH4 for many years and I realized I have missed out so much during these years.  The only forum I knew was forum until I found this forum too.

So now I am looking forward to experience and interfacing with everyone in this forum.  And since I am thriving for new experience in SH4, I have decided that I would like to see new skin for each submarines in SH4, when I used Google to look for new skins, it led me into here.  I installed RSRDC + OM + OMEGU mod together and one thing is missing and that's skin pack.  I am building two folders for JSGME for enabling many different skin files from different sources.  Those two folders are for US Sub and other for Germany submarine skin packs.  And at the same time, I also am looking forward to see what mods is available in this forum.

I am TRULY very thankful and honored that people who created mods and skins for SH4 with many hours into it through passions and hobbies exists in SH4 world!  Because of all of you who create something that makes Sh4 a whole new games, is main reasons why I came back to SH4 world!

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Re: Hi everyone and my purpose of being here
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